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Annika Schmarsel (born c. 1992) known by her stage name Alice Ivy, is an Australian electronic musician and producer. Alice Ivy was the winner of the 2016 Triple J Unearthed Listen Out competition. To date, she has released one studio album: I'm Dreaming (2018).

Alice Ivy
Birth nameAnnika Schmarsel
Born1992/1993 (age 25–27)[1]
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
OriginMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Musician
  • remixer
  • record producer
  • songwriter
  • Guitar
  • keyboards
  • synthesisers
Years active2015 (2015)–present
LabelsDew Process, Last Gang
Associated acts


Early lifeEdit

Annika Schmarsel was born in 1992 to West German immigrants who settled in Geelong in 1987. Annika also has a younger brother. At the age of twelve, on a family trip to Germany, Schmarsel's grandmother taught her guitar chords while her uncle taught her how to play "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple. During high school a year later, she was a member of a 25-member soul big band and on-going music project, The Sweethearts. In 2014, Schmarsel moved to Melbourne to study for a music industry degree, and was introduced to the music software Ableton. She learnt about influential electronic producers including the late J Dilla.[2]

Music careerEdit

2015–2018: Early years and I'm DreamingEdit

On 3 January 2015, Annika Schmarsel under the alias 'Alice Ivy', released her debut single "Charlie".[3] On 14 April, she released her next single "Mean Man's Bite" featuring guest vocals from Chloe Beckwith.[4] On 26 June, Alice Ivy released her single "Paint Me Blue" again featuring vocals by Chloe Beckwith.[5] On 13 November, Alice Ivy released the single "Walk On" featuring Indigo Fly.[6]

On 25 January 2016, Alice Ivy released her single "Touch" featuring guest vocals by Georgia van Etten, a music video was released on 8 February animated by James Thompson and Bill Presser.[7] On 23 June, she released "Almost Here" featuring vocals by RaRa. The two singles quickly became her most popular, having collectively amassed over 3,000,000 streams on Spotify.[8] Alice Ivy then performed a five-date tour to promote the two singles in July.[9] On 2 September, Alice Ivy remixed "Float" by Thomston.[10]

In March 2017, she released her single "Get Me a Drink" featuring E^ST and Charlie Threads, it became her first track to be added to high rotation on Triple J. The Age placed the track at #8 in their "Best Songs Of 2017". On 21 April, she remixed "Beat the Keeper" by Taj Ralph.[11] On 26 May, Alice Ivy remixed "Kate's Bed" by Huntly.[12] In September, after signing a deal with Australian record label Dew Process she released "Be Friends" featuring guest vocals from Tim de Cotta and Caseaux O.S.L.O. On 22 September, Alice Ivy released a remix of "West" by Lakyn.[13] On 10 November, Alice Ivy remixed the track "Life Goes On" by E^ST.[14] On 12 December, a music video was released for her track "Be Friends".[15]

On 12 January 2018, she released the single "Chasing Stars" featuring ARIA award winning singer-songwriter, Bertie Blackman.[16] Both "Be Friends", and "Chasing Stars" were also added to high rotation as well. Later that month, Alice Ivy signed onto Last Gang Records for international releases. In the middle of that year, "Chasing Stars" became the eleventh most played track on Triple J.[17] On 9 February, her debut album I'm Dreaming was released. It contained most her previously released singles including "Charlie".[18] To promote her debut album, Ivy performed an eight-date national headlining tour ranging from 16 February until 29 March and performing in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Panama Festival in Tasmania, The Hills are Alive in Victoria, and Bendigo.[19] On 30 March, Alice Ivy covered Estelle's track "American Boy" with E^ST and Miss Blanks for Triple J's Like a Version.[20] On 6 April, Ivy remixed the track "Panopticon" by Cloud Control.[21][22] On 13 April, Alice Ivy along with other remixers TOKiMONSTA, Maria Marcus, and Maya Jane Coles, all made their own remixes of "Lady Powers" by Vera Blue featuring Kodi Shane, released on Lady Powers | Power Ladies Remix EP.[23] On 8 August, she released a remix of "Clothes I Slept In" by Luca Brasi.[24] On 7 September, Alice Ivy remixed the track "Real Love" by Flint Eastwood.[25]

2019–present: Upcoming second studio albumEdit

On 9 February 2019, rain damaged Alice Ivy's equipment and she was unable to play at the Tasmanian music festival Party in the Paddock the day after as planned.[26] The rain damaged her laptop, guitar pedals and drum pad. Ivy stated she would play in Tasmania again as soon as she was able to.[27] On 15 February, Alice Ivy released a remix of Amwin's track "DeLorean".[28][29] On 22 February, Alice Ivy released a new single entitled "Close to You" featuring Flint Eastwood. She also announced a "Close to You" tour starting in May with Miss Blanks, who previously collaborated with Alice Ivy for Triple J's Like a Version. The tour is slated to start in Adelaide, and then go on to Wollongong, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Fremantle, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.[30] On 22 March, a remix of "Fooling Around" by Japanese Wallpaper was released.[31] On 30 April, a music video for "Close to You" was released. The video featured Ivy's dog "Lexie".[32] On 10 July, Ivy released the single "In My Mind" featuring Ecca Vandal alongside an accompanying music video.[33]

Musical styleEdit

Alice Ivy lists her influences as Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Etta James.[34] Other influences include; The Avalanches, J Dilla, Onra, Anderson Paak, Mark Ronson. Her sound has also been likened to; The Avalanches, Gramatik, Onra, L'orange, Curtis Mayfield, J-Dilla, and Marvin Gaye.[1]


Studio albumsEdit

List of studio albums
Title Album details
I'm Dreaming


Title Year Album
"Charlie" 2015 I'm Dreaming
"Mean Man's Bite" (feat. Chloe Beckwith) non-album singles
"Paint Me Blue" (feat. Chloe Beckwith)
"Walk On" (feat. Indigo Fly)
"Touch" (feat. Georgia van Etten) 2016 I'm Dreaming
"Almost Here" (feat. RaRa)
"Get Me a Drink" (feat. E^ST & Charlie Threads) 2017
"Be Friends" (feat. Tim de Cotta & Caseaux O.S.L.O)
"Close to You" (feat. Flint Eastwood) 2019 non-album singles
"In My Mind" (feat. Ecca Vandal)


Year Title Artist(s)
2016 "Float" Thomston
2017 "Beat the Keeper" Taj Ralph
"Kate's Bed" Huntly
"West" Lakyn
"Life Goes On" E^ST
2018 "Panopticon" Cloud Control
"Lady Powers" Vera Blue
"Clothes I Slept In" Luca Brasi
"Real Love" Flint Eastwood
2019 "DeLorean" Amwin
"Fooling Around" Japanese Wallpaper

Music videosEdit

Year Song Director
2016 "Touch" James Thompson
Bill Presser
2017 "Be Friends" Unknown
2019 "Close to You" (feat. Flint Eastwood) Alice Ivy
Sam Rankin
"In My Mind" (feat. Ecca Vandal) Claudia Sangiorgi Dallimore


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