Overcoats (duo)

Overcoats is a New York based electronic-pop duo consisting of singer-songwriters Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Their debut album, YOUNG, was released on April 21, 2017 through Arts & Crafts Productions.[1]

Hana Elion (left) and JJ Mitchell of Overcoats
Hana Elion (left) and JJ Mitchell of Overcoats
Background information
OriginNew York City, New York, U.S.
Years active2015–present
LabelsArts & Crafts, Loma Vista
  • Hana Elion
  • JJ Mitchell



Elion was born in New York but grew up in Washington, DC, spending time in Jamaica, Uganda, and Belize in her younger years. Mitchell was born in London but grew up in New York, England, and Egypt. The two ended up crossing paths in 2011 at Wesleyan University, a liberal arts college in Middletown, Connecticut. Elion and Mitchell were immediately drawn to each other when they first met, finding connection in their, "diverse love of music". Both halves of Overcoats describe the first time hearing each other sing as an, "epiphany, with the harmony of their combined voices leading to personal and individual discoveries."[2]

Musical style and influencesEdit

Overcoats, while making music as a minimalistic electronic-pop, the duo draw influences from Swedish 90's pop. Seven Days, an independent music blog, described the duo as making, "Soulful, folk-tronic tunes".[2]


After releasing their self-titled EP Overcoats in 2015, Elion and Mitchell began working on a follow-up project and enlisted producers such as Nicolas Vernhes (Daughter, The War On Drugs, Dirty Projectors) and experimental R&B artist Autre Ne Veut.[3] Released on April 21, 2017, YOUNG has received favorable reviews. NPR called YOUNG, "One of the best albums of 2017" and praised the duo's passion and ambition, stating, " Overcoats' Young is a record driven by ambition and passion, not craft. That's not to say Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell aren't terrifically talented singers and songwriters: What sets them apart is that I believe them. That the emotion in their harmonies and the space they give each other is filled with compassion. I believe their songs of loneliness and doubt."[4]

The FoolEdit

On September 4, 2019, the duo released a new single called ‘The Fool.’ In the accompanying promotional video, the duo shave their heads. Hana and JJ provided the accompanying statement with the video:

“We wrote it based on ‘The Fool’ tarot card,” says JJ. “It signifies taking a leap of faith and jumping into the unknown. Conceptually, it felt like the beginning of the project. We wiped the slate clean and decided to jump. That’s why the video includes the footage of us shaving our heads. We’re ‘The Fool’, and we’re taking our leap.” “It’s an empowering message,” continues Hana. “I don’t need to be defined by the opinions of others or go with the status quo; I can fucking be myself.”[5]



  • Overcoats (EP) (2015)
  • YOUNG (2017)
  • The Fight (2020)


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