Aliagha Aghayev

Aliagha Aghayev (Azerbaijani: Əliağa Ağayev; March 22, 1913 – November 13, 1983) was an Azerbaijani actor, People's Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR. He was famous mostly for his comedy roles.[1]

Aliagha Aghayev
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Əliağa İsmayıl oğlu Ağayev

(1913-03-22)March 22, 1913
DiedNovember 13, 1983(1983-11-13) (aged 70)
Citizenship Russian Empire
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
 Soviet Union
Years active1936–1983
Spouse(s)Javahir Isgandarova
AwardsHonored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan SSR People's Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR Order of the Red Banner of Labour


Aliagha Aghayev was born on March 22, 1913 in Baku. After graduating from the 7th class in 1930, he studied at a vocational school at the ship's repair plant named after the Paris Commune. 2 years later, after he completed the school, started to work in the factory. Then Aliagha Aliyev joined to the factory's drama community. His first role was "Haji Kara" in the "Haji Kara" comedy by Mirza Fatali Akhundov. [2]

The actor joined the State Theatre of Young Spectators collective in the late 1930s. He made his first appearance on the stage at professional theater with the Jules Verne drama "The Children of Captain Grant". The actor was admitted to the National Academic Drama Theatre in the fall of 1961. His first original role in this theatre was "Abish Surkhayevich" in Shikhali Gurbanov's comedy "We Got a Job" in 1961. A.Aghayev worked at National Academic Drama Theatre for 22 years.[3] [4]

A.Aghayev's some roles in Academic Theatre — "Vasin" ("Tanya" — Aleksei Arbuzov), "Allanazar" ("Who is Guilty?" — Huseyn Mukhtarov), "Gulamali", "Abishov", "Naghi"("Kozaran Ojaglar", "Village Girl", "Good Man" — Mirza Ibrahimov), "Stephano" ("The Tempest" — William Shakespeare), "Rista Podorovich" ("The Cabinet Minister's Wife" — Branislav Nušić) and others. [5]

He was mostly known for his "Mashadi Ibad" role in "If Not That One, Then This One" movie. His other movie roles are also so famous as "Khan" ("A Magical Coat"), "Shikhali" (Dating"), cashier ("Where is Ahmad?"), storekeeper ("For the Sake of the Law"/"Mehman") and others. [6]

Aliagha Aghayev died on November 13, 1983 in Baku.[7]


  1. Honored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan SSR — June 17, 1943
  2. Order of the Red Banner of Labour — June 9, 1959
  3. Peoples Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR — February 27, 1954


  • Case №777 (1992)
  • Arshin Mal Alan (1965)
  • Bashir Safaroglu (1969)
  • Our Jabish Teacher (1969)
  • Crazy Kura (1969)
  • The Darvish Detonates Paris (1976)
  • A Transverse House of Darling (1982)
  • Where is Ahmad? (1963)
  • Dating (1955)
  • For the Sake of the Law (1968)
  • Koroghlu (1960)
  • If Not That One, Then This One (1956)
  • A Magical Coat (1964)
  • Shared Bread (1969)

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