Alia Royal Jordanian Flight 600

Alia Royal Jordanian Flight 600 was a scheduled passenger flight from Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan to Seeb International Airport, Muscat, Oman, via Doha International Airport in Qatar. On 14 March 1979 it was being operated by a Boeing 727-2D3 jet airliner registered in Jordan as JY-ADU when, while carrying out a missed approach to Runway 34 at Doha at night, it flew into a thunderstorm, causing the aircraft to drop 750 feet (230 m) into the ground.[1] Sixty-four people were on board; of the 15 crew four died and two were seriously injured and 41 passengers were killed and six seriously injured; the aircraft was destroyed.[1]

Alia Royal Jordanian Flight 600
B-727-2D3 Alia JY-ADU F130-23b.jpg
JY-ADU, the aircraft involved in the accident, seen in 1977.
Date14 March 1979
SummaryMicroburst-induced wind shear
SiteDoha International Airport, Doha, Qatar
Aircraft typeBoeing 727-2D3
Aircraft nameThe City of Petra
OperatorAlia Royal Jordanian Airlines
Flight originAmman-Queen Alia International Airport (AMM/OJAI), Amman, Jordan
StopoverDoha International Airport (DIA/OTBD), Doha, Qatar
DestinationSeeb International Airport (MCT/OOMS) Muscat, Oman


The accident was due to the encounter with a downburst related to the thunderstorm and the effects of which exceeded the performance capability of the aircraft.[1]


The aircraft was a three-engined Boeing 727-2D3 jet airliner registered JY-ADU with Boeing line number 1061, it first flew on 26 July 1974 in the United States and was delivered to Alia Royal Jordanian on 14 August 1974.[2]


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