Ali of Ghazna

Ali (Persian: علی) or, Ali of Ghazna (علی غزنه) was a Sultan of the Ghaznavid Empire, he succeeded from his nephew Mas'ud II, and he was the son of Mas'ud I, he ruled for short period (r. 1048–1049),[1] Although Abdur Rashid sent an army led by his vizier to Sistan to arrest Ghaznavi , the vizier changed sides and defeated Ali and replaced him with Abd al-Rashid and he was killed in 1050.[2]

Ali of Ghazna
Ghaznavid Sultan
Baha ad-Dawlah
بھاء الدولہ
Splendor of the State''
Sultan of Ghaznavid Empire
Reign1048 – 1049
PredecessorMas'ud II of Ghazni
SuccessorAbd al-Rashid of Ghazna
Ghaznavid Empire
Diedc. 1050
Ghaznavid Empire
Ali bin Mas'ud
HouseGhaznavid Dynasty
FatherMasʽud I of Ghazni
ReligionSunni Islam


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