Ali Yassin Mohamed

Ali Yassin Mohamed (Somali: Cali Yaasiin Maxamed, Arabic: علي ياسين محمد) (born 24 December 1965) is a Somali-Swedish Islamist militant. As of May 2009, Ali Yassin Mohamed was residing in Rinkeby in northern Stockholm.[1]

Early lifeEdit

Mohamed was born on 24 December 1965.[2]

Alleged activitiesEdit

In February 2008, Ali Yassin Mohamed, along with Omar Ali and Abdulkadir Okashe Ali, was arrested in Sweden suspected of financing the Somali Islamist insurgency group Al-Shabaab.[1] Abdulkadir Okashe Ali was released after three days while Ali Yassin Mohamed and Omar Ali were detained in custody pending trial.[1] On 11 June 2008, they were released from custody and on 12 September the same year the preliminary investigation was closed.[1]

In January 2009, Ali Yassin Mohamed travelled to Somalia, where he participated in the founding of the Hizbul Islam organization.[1]

The Treasury of the United kingdom put him among the targets for asset freeze on 28 April 2010.[2]

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