Ali Shallal al-Qaisi

Ali Shallal al-Qaisi (Arabic: علي شلال القیسي‎) is an Iraqi who was captured in United States custody during CIA interrogation at Abu Ghraib Prison in 2003. His name became known in 2004 when the Abu Ghraib scandal made news.[1][2]

Ali Shallal al-Qaisi
A picture of Abu Ghraib
علي شلال القیسي

(1962-08-06) 6 August 1962 (age 59)
Baghdad, Iraq
Known forVictim of Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse

Al-Qaisi said: "I'm spending sleepless nights thinking about the agony I went through... I even have recurring nightmares that I'm in my cell at Abu Ghraib, cell 49 as they called it, being tortured at the hands of the people of a great nation that carries the torch of freedom and human rights."[3]

According to Ali Shallal, he claims he was arrested after he attempted to contact foreign reporters after American military seized a football pitch he owned to dispose of bodies of those killed by them.[4]

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