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The Alfred Noble Prize is an award presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers and funded by combined engineering societies of the United States. It is awarded annually to a person not over thirty-five for a technical paper of exceptional merit, published in one of the journals of the participating societies.[1]

Established in 1929[2] in honor of Alfred Noble (1844-1914), past president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the prize was first awarded in 1931. There have been several notable winners of this prize including Claude E. Shannon in 1939.

It has no connection to the Nobel Prize established by Alfred Nobel, with which this award is often confused owing to the similarity of the names.



Year Names
1931 C. T. Eddy
1932 Frank M. Starr
1933 C. Maxwell Stanley
1936 Abe Tilles
1937 G. M. L. Sommerman
1938 E. C. Huge (Honorable Mention)
1938 Ralph J. Schilthuis
1939 Claude E. Shannon
1941 Robert Fred Hays, Jr.
1942 George Wesley Dunlap
1943 Benjamin J. Lazan
1944 Walter R. Wilson
1945 August L. Ahlf
1946 Martin Goland
1947 John H. Hollomon
1948 Robert L. Hoss
1949 John C. Fisher
1950 Ralph J. Kochenburger
1951 Eldo C. Koenig
1952 Myron Tribus
1953 Henry M. Paynter, Jr.
1954 Cornelius Sheldon Roberts
1955 Richard Louis Bright
1956 Mohamed Mortada
1957 Ray D. Bowerman
1958 Ghaffar Farman-Farmanian
1959 Paul Shewmon
1960 Ronald T. Mclaughlin, Jr.
1961 George S. Reichenbach
1962 Richard J. Wasley
1963 Alan Garnett Davenport
1964 Burton J. Mcmurtry
1965 Stephen E. Harris
1966 Bobby O. Hardin
1967 Frederick J. Moody
1968 Richard Holland
1969 Ronald Gibala
1970 Peter W. Marshall
1971 Ben G. Burke
1972 Christopher L. Magee
1973 Dieter D. Pfaffinger
1974 Viney Kumar Gupta
1975 William L. Smith
1976 S. N. Singh
1977 John E. Killough
1978 Maria Comminou
1979 Alan S. Willsky[4][5][6][7]
1980 Clyde L. Briant
1981 Bharat Bhushan
1982 George Gazetas
1984 William R. Brownlie
1986 David L. Mcdowell
1987 Keith D. Hjelmstad
1988 Filip C. Filippou
1989 Ian D. Moore
1990 Fariborz Barzegar-Jamshidi
1991 Kwai S. Chan
1993 Sharon L. Wood
1994 G. Scott Crowther
1995 Maria Q. Feng
1997 Hermann F. Spoerker
1998 Laura B. Parsons
2000 Evan Jannoulakis
2002 Kevin W. Cassel
2005 Christopher R. Clarkson
2006 Jeffrey S. Kroner
2007 Cynthia L. Dinwiddie
2008 Steven R. Meer, Craig H. Benson
2009 Ghim Ping Ong, Tien F. Fwa
2011 Raffaella Paparcone, Markus J. Buehler
2012 Marios Panagiotou, Jose I. Restrepo
2013 Shivam Tripathi, Rao S. Govindaraju
2014 Pallava Kaushik, Hongbin Yin
2015 Mohamed Soliman, Dan M. Frangopol
2016 Teng Wu, Ahsan Kareem
2017 Kristina Stephan, Carol C. Menassa

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