Alexey Tarasovich Markov

Alexey Tarasovich Markov (Russian: Алексей Тарасович Марков, 24 March 1802, Veliky Novgorod - 12 March 1878, Saint Petersburg) was a Russian history painter, academician and Professor Emeritus at the Imperial Academy of Arts.[1]

Alexey Tarasovich Markov
Алексей Тарасович Марков
Gorbunov Kirill p Markov Alexey.jpg
Alexey Markov. Portrait by
Kirill Gorbunov (1851)
Born(1802-03-12)March 12, 1802
DiedFebruary 28, 1878(1878-02-28) (aged 75)
EducationMember Academy of Arts
Alma materImperial Academy of Arts (1824)
Known forPainting
AwardsBig Gold Medal of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1830)


His father was a watchmaker. He studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts under Andrey Ivanovich Ivanov, Alexei Yegorov and Vasily Shebuyev; graduating in 1824, having received several medals. In 1825, he became a "pensioner" of the Academy, on condition that he continue to study and improve. He received a gold medal and a stipend for a study trip outside of Russia in 1830, as recognition for his painting "Socrates, Before his Death, Talking with Students About the Immortality of the Soul".[1]

He visited Dresden and Rome, copying frescoes and paintings, notably those of Raphael, as well as producing his own. In 1836, his work "Fortune and the Beggar" brought him the title of Academician. In 1842, for his painting of Christian martyrs in the Colosseum, he was named a Professor (2nd Degree). Ten years later, he was promoted to Professor (1st Degree) and was awarded the title of Distinguished Professor in 1865.[1]

Although he was an excellent craftsman, his chief contribution to Russian art was his diligent teaching. He sought out young artists, who in turn favored his classes when requesting apprenticeships.

In addition to his paintings, he created frescoes and decorative works. One of his most prominent is "Joseph Meeting his Brothers in Egypt", in the attic of Saint Isaac's Cathedral. He also performed the drawings and composition for the depiction of the Trinitarian God on the ceiling of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, although the actual work was executed by Ivan Makarov, Ivan Kramskoi, Nikolay Koshelev and Bogdan Wenig [ru].




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