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Alexandre Skirda is a French anarchist who was born in 1942. His mother was Ukrainian and his father was Russian. He is a historian and a translator, specializing in the Russian anarchist revolutionary movement. His writing is in French.[1]



Books in FrenchEdit

  • Alexandre Skirda, Kronstadt 1921 : prolétariat contre bolchévisme, Tête de feuille, Paris, 1971, 271 p. (ISBN 2-84621-002-0)
  • Alexandre Skirda, Les Anarchistes dans la Révolution russe, Tête de feuilles, Paris, 1973, 186 p.
  • Alexandre Skirda, Autonomie individuelle et force collective : les anarchistes et l’organisation de Proudhon à nos jours, Publico, Skirda, Spartacus, 1987, 365 p. (ISBN 2-9502130-0-6)
  • Alexandre Skirda, Nestor Makhno : le cosaque libertaire, 1888–1934 ; La Guerre civile en Ukraine, 1917–1921, Éd. de Paris, Paris, 1999, 491 p. (ISBN 2-905291-87-7)
  • Alexandre Skirda, Les Anarchistes russes, les soviets et la révolution de 1917, Éd. de Paris, Paris, 2000, 348 p. (ISBN 2-84621-002-0)

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  1. ^ Alexandre Skirda (translation by Paul Sharkey), Nestor Makhno : Anarchy's Cossack: The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine back cover, AK Press, 2004 (ISBN 9781902593685)

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