Alan Turing (sculpture)

Alan Turing, sometimes spelled Allen Turing and also known as Allen Turing Gargoyle,[1] is an outdoor 1988 hammered copper sheet sculpture of Alan Turing by Wayne Chabre, installed on the exterior of Deschutes Hall on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Oregon, in the United States. The portrait face in high relief measures approximately 3 feet (0.91 m) x 1.5 feet (0.46 m) x 1.5 feet (0.46 m) and cost $2,500. Its condition was undetermined when the Smithsonian Institution surveyed the work as part of its "Save Outdoor Sculpture!" program in March 1993.[1]

Alan Turing
Willamette James Clerk Maxwell and John von Neumann gargoles (University of Oregon).jpg
The sculpture (left) and John von Neumann (1987), attached to Deschutes Hall in 2011
ArtistWayne Chabre
Year1988 (1988)
MediumHammered copper sheet
SubjectAlan Turing
Dimensions0.91 m × 0.46 m × 0.46 m (3 ft × 1.5 ft × 1.5 ft)
ConditionUndetermined (1993)
LocationEugene, Oregon, United States
Coordinates44°02′44″N 123°04′16″W / 44.04566°N 123.07111°W / 44.04566; -123.07111Coordinates: 44°02′44″N 123°04′16″W / 44.04566°N 123.07111°W / 44.04566; -123.07111

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