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Alain Dorémieux (born Paris, France 15 August 1933; died Paris, 26 July 1998) was a writer and translator of French science fiction. He is best known as the editor for more than 20 years of Fiction, the leading journal of science fiction and fantasy in France until 1990.[1]

Dorémieux has published under various nommes de plume: Atlante Gilbert, Luke Vigan (with Gerard Klein and Andre Ruellan), Monique Dorian (a pseudonym shared with his wife Monique), and anagrammatic pseudonyms Meauroix Daniel and Alex Dieumorain for his translations. His critical work has often been published under the pseudonym of Serge-André Bertrand.

A literary prize for the first publication of young writers of science fiction was established in 2000 that bears Dorémieux's name.


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