Al-Mansoura (Aden)

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Al Mansoora (Arabic: المنصورة, al-manṣūrah) is a city district in Aden Governorate, Yemen, with a population of 114,931 according to the 2003 census.[1]

Al Mansura District
مديرية المنصورة
Country Yemen
 • Total114,931
Time zoneUTC+3 (Yemen Standard Time)


Al Mansoura was named after a resolution made by Aden Legislative Council in 1962. The construction of the neighbourhood is associated with the acute housing crisis in the colony of Aden between 1955 and 1962 as a result of the increasing population and expanding British Military Base.

Mansoura prisonEdit

One of the most important architectural landmarks is Mansoura prison built by the Colonial Government of Aden, between 1962 and 1963, as a political prison for the detention of activists and partisans of the Liberation Army and the armed revolution, currently in prison for the continued unity of the Yemeni Central Security.

Coordinates: 12°51′11″N 44°58′20″E / 12.8531°N 44.9722°E / 12.8531; 44.9722


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