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AlMughtaribeen University (formally shorted to MU) or Expatriate University (Arabic:جامعة المغتربين) is a private university located in Khartoum, Sudan. It was founded by Sudanese expatriates.[1]

AlMughtaribeen University
جامعة المغتربين
AlMughtaribeen University Logo.svg
Mottoخصوصية الاسم عمومية القبول (Arabic)
Motto in English
Name is specific, Admission is for all
TypePrivate university
Established2010 (2010)
PresidentAlȚaher Mohammad Haroun
RectorAbdul-Wahab Ahmad
Location, ,



Hasan Abu-Aisha the president of AlMughtaribeen University

At the outset, the idea of establishing MU was initiated by a group of expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it was adopted by the 4th Expatriates Conference in 2000 – under the auspices of the Sudanese Expats Organization. The National Voluntary Organization for Supporting Higher Education in Sudan – situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – which consists of a group of Sudanese experts and university professors – prepared a complete study aiming at the establishment of the non-profit company to start a university. The President of Sudan Marshal Omer Al-Bashir during the 5th Expatriates Conference in 2005 gave his consent and approval of the project as it meets the demands of the large sector of the Sudanese expats.

Study systemEdit

A modified credit-hour-system and the academic semester system.

Study durationEdit

  • 4 years at colleges of Languages and Management.
  • 5 years at colleges of Medicine and Engineering.

Study programsEdit

1. College of Administrative sciences: in the majors:

2. College of Engineering: B.Sc. (Honors) in the majors:

3. College of Languages B.A. in the majors:

4. College of Medicine:

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