Al-Mundhir I ibn al-Nu'man

Al-Mundhir ibn al-Nuʿmān (Arabic: المنذر بن النعمان‎) was the seventh Lakhmid king (418-461). His mother's name was Hind bint Zayd-Manāt ibn Zayd-Allah al-Ghassani, and his father was al-Nu'man I.

Al-Mundhir I ibn al-Nu'man
Munzir (The Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp).png
Portrayal of al-Mundhir in the Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp.
King of the Lakhmids
PredecessorAl-Nu'man I ibn Imru al-Qays
Diedafter 602
Fatheral-Numan I
MotherHind bint Zayd


Yazdegerd I, who had strong relations with his father sent Mundhir his infant son Bahram Gur to be raise and educated in his court. After Yazdegerd's death, Persian nobles tried to reclaim Bahram from Mundhir, so Mundhir sent his son Nu'man with a brigade then he personally escorted Bahram another brigade of 20,000 soldiers to Ctesiphon where the nobles, after some negotiations, acknowledged Bahram as their ruler. Later the Byzantines were upset at the persecution of Christians in the Persian lands where Bahram killed a number of them and Mundhir in turn was for the persecution and converted back to his paganism, the Byzantines besieged Nisibis so Bahram along with Mundhir went to lift the siege. Later Mundhir marched towards Byzantine lands and ravaged the lands as far as Antioch, where he was routed by Vitianus.[1] Another unfortunate campaign was carried out by Mundhir a year later. While his troops were crossing the Euphrates, many of his forces drowned. Syriac sources give a figure of those who drowned at 70,000 while Socrates give a higher figure of 100,000.[2] The war between Persia and the Byzantines came to end with a peace treaty in 422.[3] In 457 Lakhmid troops attacked "Beth Hur" near Harran in the Roman domain, taking the inhabitants into captivity.

Mundhir was succeeded by his son al-Aswad ibn al-Mundhir (r. 462–490).


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