Akash Chaurasia

Akash Chaurasia is a multiple award-winning farmer from Sagar District in Madhya Pradesh, India.[1] He is known for innovative farming techniques like organic agriculture and multi-layer agriculture.[1][2][3]

Early lifeEdit

Akash Chaurasia initially wanted to pursue career in medical and wanted to be a doctor but after completing High school changed direction and started farming on just ten decimal land.[4][2]

Agricultural WorkEdit

Organic FarmingEdit

Akash Chaurasia does not use any chemical products in the agriculture.[2][1] All the manures and pesticides are prepared using natural products. He prepares vermicompost to replace fertilizers using cow dungs and use various techniques to avoid insects in the crops.[4][2]

Multi-Layer FarmingEdit

Chaurasia uses concept of multi-layer farming on his land.[5][3][1] On one piece of land he grows crops at multiple layers simultaneously, for example Ginger (below grounds), amaranthus (at 1–2 feet above grounds), Ivy gourd (at 6–8 feet above grounds) and Papaya (at 9–10 feet above grounds).[6] This method reduces the cost and leads to higher agriculture output.[6][3]

Farmer TrainingEdit

Chaurasia has been organising free training to interested farmers on 27th and 28th of every month at his farms for years.[2] He has trained thousands of farmers[7] and many of them have their own success stories.[8][5]


Chaurasia has been awarded by prime minister Narendra Modi.[2] He has got several other national level awards such as Patanjali krishi gaurav award, Jindal foundation swayam sidhdha award,[9] Krishithon award,[10] Mahindra smridhdhi krishi yuva (youth farmer),[11] Best farmer award by Bioved institute allahabad.[4]

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