The "Aviators March" (Russian: Авиамарш) also known as the "March of the Pilots" (Russian: Марш авиаторов) is a Soviet military march published in the spring of 1923 that currently serves as the organizational anthem of the Russian Aerospace Forces.[1] It formerly served as the organizational anthem of the Soviet Air Force.[2] The music to the march was composed by Yuli Khayt [ru], while its lyrics were written by Pavel Herman. A German version with the same melody called "Das Berliner Jungarbeiterlied" was used up until the end of the Second World War.[3][4][5] It is part of the repertoire of Russian military bands and today is frequently performed at Victory Day Parades in Moscow and throughout the former Soviet Union. The melody to the march was used during World War II in Yugoslav Macedonia in a song titled "In the struggle, the Macedonian people!" (Macedonian: Во борба, македонски народе!).

Air March

Organizational anthem of the Russian Aerospace Forces
LyricsPavel Herman
MusicYuli Khayt [ru]

The melody was borrowed by German Communists in early 1920s and used with German lyrics. Later, German Nazis in turn borrowed the melody, changed only a couple of chords and wrote their own lyrics to the song. The new march under the title "Herbei zum Kampf" also known under the title "Das Berliner Jungarbeiterlied" [6] was used by the SA since 1929.

In the pro-Soviet East Germany, the march was used since the late 1950s with the original Soviet music (not the Nazi version) and new German lyrics dedicated to the Soviet (not East German) Air Force.


English Translation

Мы рождены, чтоб сказку сделать былью,
Преодолеть пространство и простор,
Нам разум дал стальные руки-крылья,
А вместо сердца – пламенный мотор.

Все выше, и выше, и выше
Стремим мы полет наших птиц,
И в каждом пропеллере дышит
Спокойствие наших границ.

Бросая ввысь свой аппарат послушный
Или творя невиданный полет,
Мы сознаем, как крепнет флот воздушный,
Наш первый в мире пролетарский флот!


Наш острый взгляд пронзает каждый атом,
Наш каждый нерв решимостью одет;
И, верьте нам, на каждый ультиматум
Воздушный флот сумеет дать ответ.


My roždeny, čtob skazku sdelatj byljü,
Preodoletj prostranstvo i prostor,
Nam razum dal staljnyje ruki-kryljä,
A vmesto serdca – plamennyj motor.

Vse vyše, i vyše, i vyše
Stremim my polet naših ptic,
I v každom propellere dyšit
Spokojstvije naših granic.

Brosaja vvysj svoj apparat poslušnyj
Ili tvorä nevidannyj polet,
My soznajem, kak krepnet flot vozdušnyj,
Naš pervyj v mire proletarskij flot!


Naš ostryj vzgläd pronzajet každyj atom,
Naš každyj nerv rešimostjü odet;
I, verjte nam, na každyj uljtimatum
Vozdušnyj flot sumejet datj otvet.


We were born to make a fairy tale come true
To overcome space and vastness.
The mind gave us steel wings
And instead of the heart - a fiery motor.

Higher, higher and higher
We strive for the flight of our birds
And in every propeller breathes
The calm of our borders.

Throwing up his obedient apparatus
Or creating an unprecedented flight
We recognize how the air fleet is getting stronger,
Our first in the world proletarian fleet!


Our sharp gaze pierces every atom
Our every nerve is dressed with determination;
And, believe us, on every ultimatum
The air fleet will be able to give an answer!


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