Ahmad ibn Ali

Ahmad ibn Ali (Arabic: أحمد بن علي) (flourished mid-14th century) was the son of Jamal ad-Din I. The Emperor of Ethiopia Newaya Krestos made him Governor of Ifat after his father Ali ibn Sabr ad-Din unsuccessfully revolted against the Emperor and was put into prison.

Ahmad ibn Ali
أحمد بن علي
Governor of Ifat
Reignmid-14th century
DynastyWalashma dynasty


His father Ali was released from imprisonment after eight years and restored to the governorship, whereupon he treated Ahmad as a traitor, excluding him from all positions of authority. Ahmad called on the intervention of Emperor Newaya Krestos to gain a position over a single district; and his sons were considered outcasts by the rest of the Walashma family.[1]

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