Ahmad Shah of Malacca

Sultan Ahmad Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Shah (died 1513) was the last Sultan of the Malacca Sultanate.

Ahmad Shah
9th Sultan of Malacca
ReignMalacca Sultanate: 1511–1513
PredecessorMahmud Shah
SuccessorJohor Sultanate
HouseHouse of Malacca
FatherMahmud Shah
ReligionSunni Islam

The son of Sultan Mahmud Shah, Ahmad Shah's rule began in 1511 when his father stepped aside, and ended in 1513 when he died during the kingdom's war with Portugal: His father stabbed him after failing to conquer Malacca. He was succeeded by his father.

Sultan Ahmad Shah was also involved in the myth of the Mount Ledang princess, where the princess had requested from the Sultan of Malacca, among other things, a bowl of the sultan's young son's, and hence Ahmad's blood in order to marry her.

There is also another account regarding how Ahmad Shah was in charge despite not being officially appointed as ruler to cover up for his father's escape with Tun Teja alongside Hang Tuah to the Indian Ocean.

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Ahmad Shah of Malacca
House of Malacca
 Died: 1513
Regnal titles
Preceded by Sultan of Malacca
Succeeded by
Position abolished