Agujetas de color de rosa

Agujetas de color de rosa (English title: Pink Shoe Laces) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Luis de Llano Macedo for Televisa in 1994.[1][2]

Agujetas de color de rosa
Written bySusan Crowley
Gabriela Ortigoza
Directed byOtto Sirgo
StarringAngélica María
Alberto Vázquez
Natalia Esperón
Flavio César
Opening themeAgujetas de color de rosa by Curvas Peligrosas
Mi chico prohibido by Curvas Peligrosas
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes302
Executive producerLuis de Llano Macedo
Running time41-44 minutes
Production companyTelevisa
Original release
NetworkCanal de las Estrellas
ReleaseApril 4, 1994 (1994-04-04) –
May 26, 1995 (1995-05-26)

It stars Angélica María, Alberto Vázquez, Natalia Esperón and Flavio César.



Elisa has just become a widow and now she has to raise her 3 children: Paola, Daniel and Anita. Elvira, mother of the deceased Esteban wants to steal his inheritance and for it hires Julian Ledesma, a vile and ambitious lawyer who is in love with Paola, who wants to be a skater, since the ice rink inspires her and full of tranquility.

Gonzalo is a good man, but his wife has abandoned him and leaves him with his two children, Martín and Luisito, so now he must put all his effort and effort to prevent his family from falling apart. Martín dreams of being a great singer and signing a contract with a record company.

One day, Elisa collides with Gonzalo and despite the mishap, begins a beautiful friendship that will serve her in difficult times. When Paola and Martín meet each other, there is a hatred between them that later becomes love, despite the interest that Martín feels Paola's friend (Vanessa Del Moral, the daughter of the owner of the track where Paola works as a waitress where she skates at).

Noticing the interest that Martin and Paola have, Vanessa tries to destroy the relationship (getting angry with Paola, whom she becomes her hated rival). Even when he learns that there is a skating team on the track in which Paola participates, Vanessa registers in order to compete against her old friend. Paola and Vanessa become the two contestants of the team to compete against a foreign team in a large test exhibition. During the development of the event, when Vanessa and Paola are the ones that skate, the first one causes the second one to suffer a serious accident, throwing it against the windows around the track. The entire public is shocked by the event that takes place, especially Julián Ledezma, and Paola's family. She is transferred to the hospital immediately. The expectations of walking again are very difficult, the doctors report to the Armendares family. However, despite all the initial prognoses, and after several treatments and an operation, Paola starts walking again.

Meanwhile, Vanessa goes on tour with Martin. However, due to the constant jealous attacks of his partner, and other details, Martin asks Vanessa away from the group, who can not stand. All takes place normally during the following weeks.

Vanessa begins to show symptoms of illness that worry her mother. She sends some analysis to her daughter, and through them, it is confirmed that her daughter suffers from cancer, and that she only has very little time left to live. Heartbroken, Vanessa's mother asks to see Martin, to whom she tells her daughter's illness. The young man is shocked. The mother also asks him to marry his daughter to make Vanessa happy moments before leaving. Martín hesitates to accept, but when Vanessa faints before him and Paola, the singer decides to accept. Visit Vanessa and ask her for marriage. Vanessa accepts.

The future marriage is in the public domain. Paola can not help feeling bad about the situation, but she accepts it willingly. The day of the wedding arrives, and before the event begins, Vanessa begins to feel bad. The bride is moved to her home, where all the guests are waiting (Paola and Vanessa talk in the room). The tragic moment finally arrives. Vanessa dies in the midst of her parents' tears and the commotion of Martín, Paola and their respective relatives, who were going to attend the wedding.

After Vanessa is buried, Paola and Martín resume their relationship. But Martin's conflicts with his manager get bigger, and the young man decides to confront him. This causes Martín to be unjustly taken to jail. Paola, desperate, requests the help of Julián Ledezma, who agrees to take Martin out of jail. Paola agrees, as a thank you, to marry him. Martin is liberated, while his former manager is taken to jail.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Elisa and Gonzalo (who had divorced his wife) begins to crack. Jealousy invades Gonzalo when a new suitor from Elisa (César) appears. But later everything is composed, and Elisa and Gonzalo again resume their love.

Martín looks for Paola. However, she is already married to Julian, and she also tells him that she does not love him anymore. Gonzalo advises his son to forget forever about Paola. Given this, the young man decides to go on tour abroad, because he has nothing left to stop that. Martín and his group go on tour, reaching spectacular success and rising to the category of recognized artists.

Gonzalo, happy of his son's success, decides to postpone his relationship with Elisa for a while to go see his son. But the plane in which he travels fails, having fatal consequences for the passengers. With this, the life of Gonzalo ends and the love between him and Elisa.

They spend time. The marriage between Julian and Paola faces some problems. Elisa and her family get involved in a boarding school, where new stories emerge. The obstacles for Paola and her family continue, but in the end, happiness ends up triumphing.





Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominee Result
1995 13th TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela Luis de Llano Macedo Nominated
Best Teen Telenovela Won
Best Actress Angélica María Nominated
Best Leading Actress María Teresa Rivas Nominated
Best Leading Actor Alberto Vázquez Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Pedro Weber "Chatanuga" Won
Best Young Lead Actress Gabriela Hassel Nominated
Best Young Lead Actor Alexis Ayala Nominated
Best Female Revelation Irán Castillo Nominated
Natalia Esperón Won
Best Male Revelation Flavio César Won
José María Torre Nominated
Best Child Performance Felipe Colombo Nominated
Marisol Centeno Won
El Heraldo de México Awards Best Telenovela Luis de Llano Macedo Nominated
Best Actress Angélica María Nominated
Best Revelation Flavio César Nominated
Irán Castillo Nominated
Natalia Esperón Won
Eres Awards Best Telenovela Luis de Llano Macedo Won
Television Debut Natalia Esperón Won
Latin ACE Awards[3] Female Revelation Roxana Chávez Won


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