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Morelia is a Mexican telenovela produced by José Enrique Crousillat and Malú Crousillat for Televisa in 1995.[1][2] Alpha Acosta and Arturo Peniche starred as protagonists, while Cecilia Bolocco starred as the main antagonist.

Genre Telenovela
Created by Delia Fiallo
Written by Ximena Suárez
Directed by Grazio D'Angelo
Andrei Zinca
Starring Alpha Acosta
Arturo Peniche
Cecilia Bolocco
Lupita Ferrer
Jorge Salinas
Salvador Pineda
Sergio Basañez
Theme music composer Jorge Avendaño Lührs
Opening theme "Morelia" by Cristian Castro
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 235
Executive producer(s) José Enrique Crousillat
Malú Crousillat
Location(s) Miami, Florida, United States
Running time 42-45 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release May 29, 1995 – April 19, 1996
Preceded by Agujetas de color de rosa (16:30)
Followed by Cañaveral de Pasiones (17:00)
Related shows La zulianita (1977)
María de nadie (1986)
Maribel (1989)
Un refugio para el amor (2012)



The story begins when the man who Morelia thinks is her father dies without revealing the secret of her true origin. A landowner in her hometown, Michoacán, harasses her and she is forced to run away. She arrives to Miami, where she has no choice but to work in a nightclub. During her first day at work, an insolent customer, Le Blanc goes too far with her. Morelia slaps her and he accuses her of stealing his wallet after that.

Thanks to Carlos Montero, a lazy lawyer, she avoids going to jail, however she loses her job. Thus, Morelia begins to work as a maid at the Campos Miranda's residence, where she meets the oldest son, Jose Enrique. They fall in love, but their romance will be opposed by many.


  • Alpha Acosta as Morelia Solórzano Ríos/Morelia Montero Iturbide/Amanda Weiss
  • Arturo Peniche as José Enrique Campos Miranda
  • Cecilia Bolocco as Katrina Lafontaine Smith de Montero
  • Lupita Ferrer as Ofelia Campos Miranda de Santibáñez
  • Jorge Salinas as Alberto "Beto" Solórzano Ríos
  • Salvador Pineda as Federico Campos Miranda
  • Sergio Basañez as Luis Campos Miranda
  • Herminia Martínez as Antonia Iturbide Pimentel Vda. de Campos Miranda
  • Norma Zúñiga as Mercedes
  • Raquel Montero as Luisiana Smith Vda. de Lafontaine
  • Javier Alberdi as Gustavo Santibáñez
  • Odalys García as Reina
  • Ana Margo as Kika
  • Ana Bertha Espín as Magdalena Ríos Vda. de Solórzano
  • Ramón Abascal as Germán Doré
  • Manuel Guízar as Avelino Robles
  • Patricia Noguera as Dania
  • Rene Lavan as Rony
  • Mario Martín as Benjamín Le Blanc
  • Marcela Cardona "Scarlata" as Jacqueline "Jackie" Campos Miranda Iturbide de Solórzano
  • Marisela González "Kanela" as Juanita
  • Humberto Rosenfeld as Tomy
  • Eugenio Cobo as Arturo Solórzano
  • Juan Pablo Gamboa as Osvaldo Valenzuela
  • Mara Croatto as Sarah
  • Giselle Blondet as Liza Marsella
  • Daniel Alvarado as Lorenzo Campos Miranda
  • Fernando Carrera as Bosco Sartini
  • Raúl Durán as Efraín
  • Araceli Martínez as Mireya
  • Maritza Morgado as Lizette
  • Jorge Bustamante as Landa
  • Teresa Mayan as Carmita
  • Julio Martínez as Barbarito
  • Manolo Pérez Morales as Carlos
  • Nuri Flores as Lala
  • Liliana Rodríguez as Lulu
  • Armando Roblan as Calvo
  • Marta Velasco as Omara
  • Andy Mendez as Pillete
  • Yovana de la Cruz


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1996 14th TVyNovelas Awards Launching Female Alpha Acosta Nominated


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