Agua Mineral Salus

Agua Mineral Salus is a patented brand of mineral water produced by the company Salus SA. Its industrial base is in Lavalleja Department, Uruguay. The plant is located at the site of the mineral spring, 110 kilometres (68 mi) northeast of Montevideo and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) west of Minas.

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SourceFuente del Puma
Typestill (& carbonated)
Calcium (Ca)35
Chloride (Cl)6.99
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 
Fluoride (F) 
Magnesium (Mg)9.5
Nitrate (NO3)2.52
Potassium (K)0.7
Sodium (Na)6.8
Sulfate (SO4)4.47
All concentrations in milligrams per liter (mg/L); pH without units

Logo and legendEdit

At the site of the mineral springs, the company has created Parque Salus, a park for visitors that includes a forest area and the industrial installations, often hosting educational visits by schools. The logo of these grounds is a puma. It is related to a local legend about a puma that was drinking from this spring. The puma was said to be the protector of the spring. With the arrival of humans it disappeared, leaving the protection of the spring to them. Visitors can enter the cave of the spring where they can be served cups of water. Drinking from the spring is said to pass to them the spirit of force and vitality of the puma.


Salus products used to include the beer brand Cerveza Patricia. In October 2000 the company was bought by Danone and Ambev. Danone took the part of mineral waters and Ambev took over the beer. From that time, Danone discontinued some products, focusing on the production of still and carbonated water and of soft flavoured drinks.

Until that date, Salus was using only glass bottles; from that date on, it uses mostly PET plastic bottles of 500 mL, 1.5, 2.25 and 5 litres, as well as glass bottles of 500 mL and 1 litre.

The company covers a large percentage of the local market and exports to Brazil under the trade mark Fuente del Puma.


According to the certified analysis of the Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay of 2008, Salus mineral water contains 152 mg/L of dry residue at 180°C. It has a high mineral and low sodium content.

Minerals 2008 LATU test 2011 stated
Dry residue 152 mg/L 124 mg/L
Ca 35 mg/L 36 mg/L
Mg 9.5 mg/L 8.9 mg/L
Na 6.8 mg/L 7.2 mg/L
K 0.7 mg/L 0.71 mg/L
Cl 6.99 mg/L 7.1 mg/L
N 2.52 mg/L 0.7 mg/L
SO4 4.47 mg/L 5.7 mg/L

Range of productsEdit

  • Salus mineral water (carbonated and not)
  • Non-carbonated, flavoured mineral water (Salus Citrus, Salus Lemonade, Salus Orange, Salus Apple and Salus Pineapple)
  • Carbonated, flavoured mineral water (Salus Grapefruit and Salus Orange)
  • Patricia Beer (now property of AmBev)
  • Tonic water "Citral" (discontinued)
  • Grapefruit juice Salus (discontinued)
  • Orange juice Salus (discontinued)
  • Cider Salus (discontinued)

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