Agios Nilos, Mount Athos

Agios Nilos (also spelled Agios Neilos; Greek: Άγιος Νείλος) is the name of an area of Mount Athos that belongs to the Monastery of Great Lavra.[1] It is located on the southeastern side of Mount Athos. It is named after Saint Nilos the Myrrh-streamer,[2][3][4] who was a hermit in the cell of the Virgin Mary that now bears his name. Today the monks at Agios Nilos are engaged in hagiography and handicrafts.

Agios Nilos
Άγιος Νείλος
Agios Nilos is located in Greece
Agios Nilos
Agios Nilos
Coordinates: 40°07′48″N 24°19′03″E / 40.1300658305°N 24.3174622457°E / 40.1300658305; 24.3174622457Coordinates: 40°07′48″N 24°19′03″E / 40.1300658305°N 24.3174622457°E / 40.1300658305; 24.3174622457
Administrative regionMount Athos
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)


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