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Agglutination Metal Festival

Agglutination Metal Festival is an Italian metal festival held annually in Basilicata, among the towns of Senise, Chiaromonte and Sant'Arcangelo (Potenza). Born in 1995 as an event to promote emerging groups, it is one of the first metal festivals in Italy and one of the most long-lived metal events in Europe.[1][2]

Agglutination Metal Festival
Dark Tranquillity - Agglutination Festival.jpg
Dark Tranquillity at the Agglutination Metal Festival 2008
Location(s)Sant'Arcangelo, Italy
Chiaromonte, Italy
Senise, Italy
Years active1995 – present

It has hosted bands such as Overkill, Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem, Stratovarius, Carcass, Exodus, Gamma Ray, Dark Tranquillity and Marduk. Among the Italian bands that performed at the Agglutination are Rhapsody of Fire, Bulldozer, Necrodeath, Stormlord, Labyrinth and Theatres des Vampires.



August in Chiaromonte
Marshall and other local bands


August in Chiaromonte
White Skull, Lost Innocence and other local bands


12 August in Chiaromonte
Overkill, White Skull, Megora, Aggressive Fear, In Human Memories, Deleterio, Black Sunrise, Flash Terrorist, Stormlord, Lost Innocence, Harem, Funeral Fuck


11 August in Chiaromonte
Athena, Undertakers, Lacrima Christi, Heimdall, Glacial Fear, Inchiuvatu, Hastings, Aura, Memories of a Lost Soul, Unthory, Black Sunrise, Funeral Fuck


13 August in Chiaromonte
White Skull, Moonlight Comedy, Ahriman, Tenebrae Oburiuntur, Obscure Devotion, 3rd, Terremoto, Kiss of Death, Pino Miale


12 August in Chiaromonte
Domine, Vision Divine, Undertakers, Glacial Fear, Stormlord, Art Inferno, Arcadia, Steel Cage, Humanity, Eclipse, Eden Shape


11 August in Chiaromonte
Ancient, Thoten, White Skull, Secret Sphere, Highlord, The Black, Natron, Schizo, Glacial Fear, Requiem K626, Brazen, Enemynside, Dark Secret, Rainy Night


12 August Chiaromonte
Destruction, Vicious Rumors, Drakkar, Undertakers, Stormlord, Heimdall, Infernal Poetry, Holy Knights, Adimiron


9 August in Chiaromonte[3]
Virgin Steele, Labyrinth, Theatres des Vampires, Beholder, Fire Trails, Elvenking, Marshall, Rosae Crucis, Mantra, Requiem K626, Hunchback


12 August in Chiaromonte
Iron Savior, Marduk, Crystal Ball, Novembre, Centurion, Thy Majestie, Rain, Nameless Crime, Disguise, Walkyrya


13 August in Chiaromonte
Mayhem, Freedom Call, Necrodeath, Mesmerize, Schizo, Valiance


10 August in Chiaromonte (cancelled)[4]
Vision Divine, Sinister, Majesty, Dark Lunacy, Marshall, Pandaemonium, Kragens, Aleph, Infernal Angels, Megawatt


Gamma Ray at the Agglutination Metal Festival 2007
11 August in Sant'Arcangelo
Gamma Ray, Infernal Death, Golem, Kaledon, Dark Lunacy, Fire Trails, Tankard


9 August 2008 in Sant'Arcangelo
Dark Tranquility, Vision Divine, Dismember, Domine, Metal Gang with Pino Scotto, DGM, Savior from Anger, Denied, Nefertum


10 August in Sant'Arcangelo
U.D.O., Vader, Extrema, Fabio Lione, Forgotten Tomb, Fratello Metallo, Trick or Treat, Ecnephias, Symbolyc


Cannibal Corpse at the Agglutination Metal Festival 2010
9 August in Sant'Arcangelo
Cannibal Corpse, Korpiklaani, Pino Scotto, Handful of Hate, Airborn, Marshall, Ver Sacrum, Solisia


20 August in Chiaromonte
Bulldozer, Majesty, Bömbers (feat. Abbath), Node, PTSD, Tyrannizer Order, Aura, Stige


Rhapsody of Fire at the Agglutination Metal Festival 2012
25 August in Chiaromonte
Dark Tranquillity, Rhapsody of Fire, Rotting Christ, Ecnephias, Vexed, Lunocode, Poemisia, Twilight Gate, Ghost Booster


10 August in Senise
Overkill, Stratovarius, Marduk, Eldritch, Folkstone, Heavenshine, Blind Horizon, Rebürn


23 August in Senise
Carcass, Entombed A.D., Belphegor, Buffalo Grillz, Elvenking, Eversin, Sinheresy, Lehman


9 August in Chiaromonte
Obituary, Edguy, Inquisition, Necrodeath, Forgotten Tomb, Arthemis, Feline Melinda, Carthagods


21 August in Chiaromonte
Therion, Exodus, Taake, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Nanowar of Steel, Dewfall, De La Muerte, Real Chaos


19 August in Chiaromonte
Venom, Sodom, White Skull, In.Si.Dia, Assaulter, Gravestone, Ghost of Mary, Memories of a Lost Soul


19 August in Chiaromonte
Death SS, Pestilence, Folkstone, Necrodeath, Witchunter, Ad Noctem Funeriis, Circle of Witches, Rome in Monochrome


17 August in Chiaromonte
Napalm Death, Death Angel, Carpathian Forest, Strana Officina, Carthagods, The Black, Scream Baby Scream


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