Agbassa is the name of one of two Urhobo clans in Warri, Nigeria, the other being Okere-Urhobo. The name Agbassa is of British origin derives from its original name, Agbarha, which is still in use. There are approximately seven communities that make up the Agbassa Warri kingdom: Otovwodo, Igbudu, Edjeba, Ogunu, Okurode (Okurode Urhobo), Oteghele, and Ukpokiti.

In Agbassa, the Iyerin festival is celebrated annually, as well as Esemor and Iniemor. Another festival, known as Idju, is celebrated every two years throughout all the communities of Agbassa, as well as Okere-Urhobo. This festival is known as Agbassa Juju, and it centers around the worship of the Owurhie, a Warri deity.


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