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African Sports Confederation of Disabled

The African Paralympic Committee (APC) or the African Sports Confederation of Disabled (ASCOD) is an organization based in Cairo, Egypt. Its African membership is 40 National Paralympic Committees.[3]

African Paralympic Committee
African Paralympic Committee.png
FormationAPC: April 2010[1]
TypeSports federation
HeadquartersCairo, Egypt
40 National Paralympic Committees
Leonel da Rocha Pinto (2010-present)[2]

Member countriesEdit

In the following table, the year in which the NPC was recognized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is also given if it is different from the year in which the NPC was created.

Nation Code National Paralympic Committee Created Ref.
  Algeria ALG Algerian National Paralympic Committee [4]
  Angola ANG Comite Paralimpico Angolano [4]
  Benin BEN Federation Handisport du Benin-Comité National Paralympique
  Botswana BOT Paralympic Association of Botswana
  Burkina Faso BUR National Paralympic Committee Burkina Faso
  Burundi BDI Burundi Paralympic Committee
  Cameroon CMR Cameroonian National Paralympic Committee 2011 [5][6][7]
  Cape Verde CPV Comité Caboverdeano Desp. Para Deficientes
  Central African Republic CAF Comité National Paralympique Centrafricain
  Congo CGO Comité National Paralympique Congolais
  Côte d'Ivoire CIV Fédération Ivoirienne des Sports Paralympiques
  Egypt EGY Egyptian Paralympic Committee
  Ethiopia ETH Ethiopian Paralympic Committee
  Gabon GAB Federation Gabonaise Omnisports pour Paralympique pour Handicapées
  Gambia GAM Gambia Association of the Physically Disabled
  Ghana GHA National Paralympic Committee of Ghana
  Guinea GUI Guinea Paralympic Committee
  Guinea-Bissau GBS Guinea-Bissau Federation of Sports for the Disabled suspended
  Kenya KEN Kenya National Paralympic Committee
  Lesotho LES National Paralympic Committee of Lesotho
  Liberia LBR Liberia National Paralympic Committee
  Libya LBA Libyan Paralympic Committee
  Madagascar MAD Fédération Malagasy Handisport
  Mali MLI National Paralympic Committee of Mali
  Mauritania MTN National Paralympic Committee of Mauritania - suspended [8]
  Mauritius MRI Mauritius National Paralympic Committee
  Morocco MAR Royal Moroccan Federation of Sports for Disabled
  Mozambique MOZ Paralympic Committee Mozambique
  Namibia NAM Namibia National Paralympic Committee
  Niger NIG Fédération Nigérienne des Sports Paralympiques
  Nigeria NGR Nigeria Paralympic Committee
  Rwanda RWA National Paralympic Committee of Rwanda
  Senegal SEN Comité National Provisoire Handisport et Paralympique Sénégalais
  Sierra Leone SLE Sierra Leone Paralympic Committee [8]
  Somalia SOM Somali Paralympic Committee [8]
  South Africa RSA South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee 1991
  Sudan SUD Sudan National Paralympic Committee
  Tanzania TAN Tanzania Paralympic Committee
  Togo TOG Federation Togolaise de Sports pour Personnes Handicapees
  Tunisia TUN Tunisian Paralympic Committee 1990
  Uganda UGA Uganda National Paralympic Committee
  Zambia ZAM National Paralympic Committee of Zambia 2005
  Zimbabwe ZIM Zimbabwe National Paralympic Committee 2010

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