Adnkronos is an Italian news agency.[1]

PredecessorKronos (founded in 1951) and Agenzia Di Notizie (founded in 1959)
Founded1963; 59 years ago (1963) (by merger of Kronos and Agenzia Di Notizie)
ProductsNews agency
ParentGiuseppe Marra Communications

History and profileEdit

Adnkronos was established in 1963 by a merger of two agencies, Kronos (founded in 1951) and Agenzia Di Notizie (founded in 1959).[2] The agency is based in Rome.[3]

Adnkronos is owned by Giuseppe Marra Communications. Its editor-in-chief is Giuseppe Marra.[4]

The agency was expanded to include Adnkronos Salute which is a health agency.[4] In 2003, the agency established its International office, Adnkronos International, which provides news and reports in Arabic and English, mainly from the Arab world.[2]

In July 2014, Adnkronos International signed an agreement with Iran's official news agency, IRNA, to promote bilateral news cooperation.[2]

The Italian edition of the World Almanac, Il libro dei fatti, is being published by the agency.[2]

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