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Adele Reinhartz FRSC is a Canadian academic and a specialist in the history and literature of Christianity and Judaism in the Greco-Roman period, the Gospel of John, early Jewish-Christian relations, literary criticism including feminist literary criticism, feminist exegesis, and the impact of the Bible on popular cinema and television.[1]



In 1975 Reinhartz received her BA degree in religious studies from the University of Toronto, in 1977 her MA degree, and in 1983[2] her PhD degree in religious studies from McMaster University.[3]


Reinhartz joined the McMaster faculty in 1987.[citation needed] She was dean of graduate studies and research at Wilfrid Laurier University[4] before being appointed associate vice-president, research at University of Ottawa in 2005.[1]

In 1997-1998 she was the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies president, and in 2005 she was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.[1]

Reinhartz is the editor of the Journal of Biblical Literature.[5]


  • 1992 The Word in the world: the cosmological tale in the fourth gospel (ISBN 1-55540-799-4)[6]
  • 1998 Why ask my name?: Anonymity and identity in biblical narrative (ISBN 0-19-509970-2)[1][7]
  • 2001 Befriending the beloved disciple: a Jewish reading of the gospel of John (ISBN 0-8264-1446-X),[7] winner the 2003 F. W. Beare Award for Outstanding Book in Christian Origins, Canadian Society of Biblical Studies[1]
  • 2002 Jesus, Judaism, and Christian Anti-Judaism: Reading the New Testament After the Holocaust.[7] Editor with Paula Fredriksen. (ISBN 978-0-664-22328-1)[8]
  • 2003 Scripture on the silver screen (ISBN 0-664-22359-1), a study of contemporary films that make use of the Bible,[1][7]
  • 2007 Jesus of Hollywood (ISBN 0-19-514696-4), about films featuring Jesus[7]
  • 2011 Caiaphas the High Priest (Studies on Personalities of the New Testament)


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