Adelaide of Hungary

Adelaide of Hungary (c. 1040 – 27 January 1062)[1] was the only daughter of King Andrew I of Hungary of the Árpád dynasty and Anastasia of Kiev.[2] She was the second wife of Vratislav II of Bohemia, whom she married in 1058.[3] She was a good dynastic match for Vratislav, as he profited from the alliance with her father. They had four children, including Bretislaus II of Bohemia and Judith of Bohemia.[4] Vratislav became duke in 1061 after the death of his brother; thus, Adelaide was duchess for only a short time before her death early in 1062.

Adelaide of Hungary
Duchess consort of Bohemia
Bornc. 1040
Died(1062-01-27)27 January 1062
SpouseVratislav II of Bohemia
HouseHouse of Árpád
FatherAndrew I of Hungary
MotherAnastasia of Kiev

Her husband remarried shortly after her death to Świętosława of Poland and was later crowned as the first King of Bohemia in 1085.


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Adelaide of Hungary
Born: c. 1040 Died: 27 January 1062
Royal titles
Preceded by Duchess consort of Bohemia
Succeeded by