Acorn Stakes

The Acorn Stakes is an American Grade I race at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York for three-year-old Thoroughbred fillies. It is raced on dirt over a distance of one mile with a current purse of $300,000 for 2020, down from the previous $750,000. It is the first leg of the US Triple Tiara and is followed by the Coaching Club American Oaks then the Alabama Stakes. The filly must win all three races to win the Triple Tiara, as well as the third leg of the "National" Triple Tiara (Kentucky Oaks and Black-Eyed Susan Stakes are the others).

Acorn Stakes
Grade I race
LocationBelmont Park
Elmont, New York
Race typeThoroughbredFlat racing
Race information
Distance1 mile (8 furlongs)
QualificationThree-year-old fillies
Purse$750,000 (2014)

The Acorn Stakes was run at Aqueduct Racetrack from 1960 to 1967 and 1969 to 1975. There were two divisions in 1951, 1970 and 1974. There was a dead heat for first place in 1954 and again in 1956.


Speed record:

Most wins by an owner:

Most wins by a jockey:


1931 Baba Kenney 3 W. Cannon Herbert J. Thompson Edward R. Bradley 1-mile 1:41.00
1932 Top Flight 3 Raymond Workman Thomas J. Healey C. V. Whitney 1-mile 1:39.00
1933 Iseult 3 Hank Mills James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 1-mile 1:40.60
1934 Fleam 3 James Stout James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 1-mile 1:38.00
1935 Good Gamble 3 Sam Renick Bud Stotler Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1-mile 1:39.00
1936 Blue Sheen 3 James Stout James E. Fitzsimmons Whitney A. Stone 1-mile 1:38.80
1937 Dawn Play 3 Lester Balaski Max Hirsch King Ranch 1-mile 1:38.80
1938 Handcuff 3 Charley Kurtsinger Hugh L. Fontaine Brookmeade Stable 1-mile 1:39.80
1939 Hostility 3 Leon Haas James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 1-mile 1:39.80
1940 Damaged Goods 3 John Gilbert John M. Milburn Starmount Stable 1-mile 1:37.00
1941 Proud One 3 Wendell Eads Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1-mile 1:37.60
1942 Zaca Rose 3 Charles Wahler Frank J. Baker W. W. Crenshaw 1-mile 1:38.20
1943 Nellie L 3 Wendell Eads Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1-mile 1:38.60
1944 Twilight Tear 3 Conn McCreary Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1-mile 1:37.00
1945 Gallorette 3 Eddie Arcaro Edward A. Christmas William L. Brann 1-mile 1:37.20
1946 Earshot 3 Eddie Arcaro Willie Booth William G. Helis Sr. 1-mile 1:37.20
1947 But Why Not 3 Warren Mehrtens Max Hirsch King Ranch 1-mile 1:38.00
1948 Watermill 3 Eddie Arcaro Bert Mulholland George D. Widener Jr. 1-mile 1:37.00
1949 Nell K 3 Douglas Dodson John B. Partridge Spring Hill Farm 1-mile 1:38.00
1950 Siama 3 Ted Atkinson Moody Jolley Cain Hoy Stable 1-mile 1:37.20
1951 Nothirdchance 3 Bennie Green Hirsch Jacobs Isidor Bieber 1-mile 1:38.80
1951 Kiss Me Kate 3 Warren Mehrtens Oscar White Walter M. Jeffords 1-mile 1:36.40
1952 Parading Lady 3 James Hardinbrook John B. Theall Joe W. Brown 1-mile 1:38.80
1953 Secret Meeting 3 James Nichols Robert L. Dotter J. C. Brady 1-mile 1:39.40
1954 Riverina 3 William Boland Max Hirsch King Ranch 1-mile 1:38.80
1954 Happy Mood 3 Pete Moreno Monte S. Parke Fannie Hertz 1-mile 1:38.80
1955 High Voltage 3 Eddie Arcaro James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 1-mile 1:38.80
1956 Princess Turia 3 Henry Moreno Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1-mile 1:37.80
1956 Beyond 3 Conn McCreary Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1-mile 1:37.80
1957 Bayou 3 Bobby Ussery Moody Jolley Claiborne Farm 1-mile 1:37.00
1958 Big Effort 3 Pete D. Anderson J. Elliott Burch Brookmeade Stable 1-mile 1:37.40
1959 Quill 3 Bobby Ussery Lucien Laurin Reginald N. Webster 1-mile 1:37.40
1960 Irish Jay 3 Hedley Woodhouse James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 1-mile 1:35.80
1961 Bowl of Flowers 3 Eddie Arcaro J. Elliott Burch Brookmeade Stable 1-mile 1:37.40
1962 Cicada 3 Bill Shoemaker Casey Hayes Meadow Stable 1-mile 1:35.60
1963 Spicy Living 3 Jimmy Combest Jimmy Rowe Eleonora Sears 1-mile 1:37.20
1964 Castle Forbes 3 John L. Rotz Edward A. Neloy Wheatley Stable 1-mile 1:37.00
1965 Ground Control 3 Donald Pierce Edward A. Neloy Jules D. Michaels 1-mile 1:37.20
1966 Marking Time 3 Bill Shoemaker Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1-mile 1:36.00
1967 Furl Sail 3 Jacinto Vasquez John L. Winans Mrs. Edwin K. Thomas 1-mile 1:35.60
1968 Dark Mirage 3 Manuel Ycaza Everett W. King Lloyd I. Miller 1-mile 1:34.80
1969 Shuvee 3 Jesse Davidson Willard C. Freeman Anne Minor Stone 1-mile 1:35.60
1970 Cathy Honey 3 Laffit Pincay Jr. Evan S. Jackson Hastings Harcourt 1-mile 1:36.00
1970 Royal Signal 3 Garth Patterson Stephen A. DiMauro Mrs. L. W. Knapp Jr. 1-mile 1:36.20
1971 Deceit 3 John L. Rotz Del W. Carroll Windfields Farm 1-mile 1:36.60
1972 Susan's Girl 3 Victor Tejada John W. Russell Fred W. Hooper 1-mile 1:34.60
1973 Windy's Daughter 3 Braulio Baeza Laz Barrera Mrs. Paul Blackman 1-mile 1:35.40 I
1974 Special Team 3 Miguel A. Rivera James E. Picou Fred W. Hooper 1-mile 1:35.40 I
1974 Chris Evert 3 Jorge Velasquez Joseph A. Trovato Carl Rosen 1-mile 1:36.00 I
1975 Ruffian 3 Jacinto Vasquez Frank Y. Whiteley Jr. Locust Hill Farm 1-mile 1:34.40 I
1976 Dearly Precious 3 Jorge Velasquez Stephen A. DiMauro Richard E. Bailey 1-mile 1:35.80 I
1977 Bring Out The Band 3 Don Brumfield James W. Murphy Hickory Tree Stable 1-mile 1:36.80 I
1978 Tempest Queen 3 Jorge Velasquez Lou Rondinello Darby Dan Farm 1-mile 1:35.40 I
1979 Davona Dale 3 Jorge Velasquez John M. Veitch Calumet Farm 1-mile 1:36.00 I
1980 Bold 'n Determined 3 Ed Delahoussaye Neil Drysdale Saron Stable 1-mile 1:36.80 I
1981 Heavenly Cause 3 Laffit Pincay Jr. Woody Stephens Ryehill Farm 1-mile 1:35.20 I
1982 Cupecoy's Joy 3 Angel Santiago Alfredo Callejas Ri-Ma-Ro Stables 1-mile 1:34.20 I
1983 Ski Goggle 3 Chris McCarron A. Thomas Doyle Zenya Yoshida 1-mile 1:35.00 I
1984 Miss Oceana 3 Eddie Maple Woody Stephens Newstead Farm 1-mile 1:35.80 I
1985 Mom's Command 3 Abigail Fuller Edward T. Allard Peter D. Fuller 1-mile 1:35.80 I
1986 Lotka 3 Jerry Bailey Woody Stephens Henryk de Kwiatkowski 1-mile 1:35.20 I
1987 Grecian Flight 3 Craig Perret Joseph H. Pierce Jr. Henry C. Lindh 1-mile 1:35.20 I
1988 Aptostar 3 Robbie Davis H. Allen Jerkens Centennial Farms 1-mile 1:34.80 I
1989 Open Mind 3 Angel Cordero Jr. D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 1-mile 1:35.40 I
1990 Stella Madrid 3 Angel Cordero Jr. D. Wayne Lukas Peter M. Brant 1-mile 1:36.00 I
1991 Meadow Star 3 Jerry Bailey Leroy Jolley Carl Icahn 1-mile 1:37.40 I
1992 Prospectors Delite 3 Pat Day Neil J. Howard Elkins, Farish & Webber 1-mile 1:35.00 I
1993 Sky Beauty 3 Mike E. Smith H. Allen Jerkens Georgia E. Hoffman 1-mile 1:35.40 I
1994 Inside Information 3 Mike E. Smith C. R. McGaughey III Ogden Mills Phipps 1-mile 1:34.26 I
1995 Cat's Cradle 3 Chris Antley David Hofmans Georgia B. Ridder 1-mile 1:37.40 I
1996 Star de Lady Ann 3 Mike E. Smith William W. Perry John D. Murphy 1-mile 1:34.60 I
1997 Sharp Cat 3 Gary Stevens D. Wayne Lukas The Thoroughbred Corp. 1-mile 1:34.40 I
1998 Jersey Girl 3 Mike E. Smith Todd A. Pletcher Ackerley Bros. Farm 1-mile 1:36.20 I
1999 Three Ring 3 Jerry Bailey Edward Plesa Jr. Barry K. Schwartz 1-mile 1:36.00 I
2000 Finder's Fee 3 John Velazquez C. R. McGaughey III Ogden Phipps 1-mile 1:37.20 I
2001 Forest Secrets 3 Chris McCarron John Ward Jr. Debby M. Oxley 1-mile 1:34.80 I
2002 You 3 Jerry Bailey Robert J. Frankel Edmund A. Gann 1-mile 1:34.00 I
2003 Bird Town 3 Edgar Prado Nick Zito Marylou Whitney Stable 1-mile 1:35.20 I
2004 Island Sand 3 Terry J. Thompson J. Larry Jones James Osbrone 1-mile 1:34.80 I
2005 Round Pond 3 Stewart Elliott John Servis Fox Hill Farms, Inc. 1-mile 1:35.20 I
2006 Bushfire 3 Alex Solis Eddie Kenneally Ron & Ricki Rashinski 1-mile 1:35.89 I
2007 Cotton Blossom 3 John R. Velazquez Todd A. Pletcher Dogwood Stable 1-mile 1:34.70 I
2008 Zaftig 3 John Velazquez James A. Jerkens Susan Moore et al. 1-mile 1:34.50 I
2009 Gabby's Golden Gal 3 Javier Castellano Bob Baffert Arnold Zetcher 1-mile 1:34.79 I
2010 Champagne d'Oro 3 Martin Garcia Eric Guillot Southern Equine Stables 1-mile 1:37.44 I
2011 It's Tricky 3 Eddie Castro Kiaran McLaughlin Darley Stable 1-mile 1:35.48 I
2012 Contested 3 Javier Castellano Bob Baffert Natalie J. Baffert 1-mile 1:34.61 I
2013 Midnight Lucky 3 Rosie Napravnik Bob Baffert Pegram, Watson & Weitman 1-mile 1:35.11 I
2014 Sweet Reason 3 Irad Ortiz Jr Leah Gyarmati Treadway Racing Stable 1-mile 1:34.98 I
2015 Curalina 3 John Velazquez Todd Pletcher Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners 1-mile 1:35.13 I
2016 Carina Mia 3 Julien Leparoux William Mott Three Chimneys Farm 1-mile 1:34.97 I
2017 Abel Tasman 3 Mike E. Smith Bob Baffert China Horse Club International Ltd./Clearsky Farms 1-mile 1:35.37 I
2018 Monomoy Girl 3 Florent Geroux Brad H. Cox Stuart Grant, Michael Dubb, Monomoy Stables, LLC 1-mile 1:34.10 I
2019 Guarana 3 Jose Ortiz Chad C. Brown Three Chimneys Farm 1-mile 1:33.58 I
2020 Gamine 3 John R. Velazquez Bob Baffert Michael Petersen 1-mile 1:32.55 I