The Thoroughbred Corp.

The Thoroughbred Corporation is a Thoroughbred horse racing and breeding operation established in 1994 by principal partner Prince Ahmed bin Salman of the Saudi Arabian royal family. It was based at an 18-acre (73,000 m2) facility at Bradbury Estates, in Bradbury, California.

Educated at the University of California, Irvine, Prince Ahmed and college friend Richard Mulhall teamed up to go into Thoroughbred flat racing. Initially, Mulhall served as horse trainer but eventually became manager of racing operations. The Prince invested millions of dollars and succeeded in building a quality stable that was an important part of American and European racing.

The Thoroughbred Corp. won four American Classic Races, four Breeders' Cups, and is one of only four owners to have ever raced both a Kentucky Derby winner and an Epsom Derby winner. The others are John W. Galbreath, Michael Tabor, and Paul Mellon.

Some of the notable horses raced by The Thoroughbred Corp. include:

Based in the United States:

Based in Europe:

Prince Ahmed bin Salman died unexpectedly at age 43 of heart failure in Riyadh. Prince Faisal succeeded him as the head of The Thoroughbred Corp.[1] In March 2004, the bulk of the operation's horses were dispersed at a southern California auction. Limited primarily to an involvement in foal-sharing arrangements, The Thoroughbred Corp. still maintains shares in five stallions standing at stud in various locations.


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