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Achiroë /əˈkɪr/ or Anchirrhoë (Ancient Greek: Ἀχιρ(ρ)όη), or according to the Bibliotheca Anchinoë (Ἀγχινόη),[1] which is perhaps a mistake for Anchiroë, was in Greek mythology a naiad, a daughter of the river-god Nilus. She was also the wife of Belus, by whom she became the mother of Aegyptus and Danaus, and, according to some accounts, Cepheus, and Phineus. Otherwise, the possible mother of this children and spouse of Belus was called Side, eponym of Sidon in Phoenicia.

Naiad Queen of Egypt
Member of the Argive family
AbodeRiver Nile in Egypt
Personal information
OffspringDanaus, Aegyptus, Cepheus, Phineus
SiblingsMemphis, Telephassa, Chione, Caliadne (possibly), Polyxo (possibly)


Anchinoe was a minor figure in Greek accounts and only mentioned by Apollodorus in his Bibliotheca:

"But Belus remained in Egypt, reigned over the country, and married Anchinoe, daughter of Nile, by whom he had twin sons, Egyptus and Danaus, but according to Euripides, he had also Cepheus and Phineus."

Argive genealogyEdit



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