Achacachi is a town on the Altiplano plateau in the South American Andes in the La Paz Department in Bolivia. It is the capital of the Omasuyos Province.

Market in Achacachi
Market in Achacachi
Achacachi is located in Bolivia
Location in Bolivia
Coordinates: 16°02′40″S 68°41′06″W / 16.04444°S 68.68500°W / -16.04444; -68.68500
Country Bolivia
Admin. divisionLa Paz Department
ProvinceOmasuyos Province
MunicipalityAchacachi Municipality
3,854 m (12,644 ft)
 (2012 census)
 • Total8,857
 • Ethnicities
Time zoneUTC-4 (BOT)
Area code(+591) 2

History of Achacachi Edit

Achacachi, as an establishment, existed before the arrival of the Spaniards, as shown by descriptions that were made on "cronicas" and "relaciones" (official papers written by authorities) by royal or ecclesiastical Spanish authorities.[citation needed] Achacachi was the capital of a colla "señorio" called Pacasa, in the "Umasuyus" (from Aymara: "shore side") region, which was located alongside the East of Lake Intikjarka (Titicaca) in the Peru-Bolivian plateau.

Location Edit

Achacachi is at an elevation of 3,854 m or 12.647 feet amsl on the Achacachi peninsula on the eastern shores of Lake Titicaca, 96 km (60 mi) northwest of the capital La Paz.

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16°02′40″S 68°41′06″W / 16.04444°S 68.68500°W / -16.04444; -68.68500

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