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Accessibility without Exclusion

Accessibility without Exclusion (Partido Accesibilidad sin Exclusión, "PASE") is a political party in Costa Rica with a special focus on fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. PASE generally takes socially conservative stances, opposing LGBT rights, in vitro fertilization, and the separation of church and state.

Accessibility Without Exclusion

Partido Accesibilidad sin Exclusión
PresidentÓscar Andrés López Arias
Secretary-GeneralHugo Navas Vargas
VicepresidentOdilie Lucía Poveda Palavicini
TreasurerClaudia Escobar Berdugo
IdeologyDisability rights
Social conservatism
Political positionRight-wing
ColoursBlue and White
Legislative Assembly
0 / 57
1 / 81
8 / 495
Syndics and Councilpeople
24 / 2,400

In the 2006 general elections, the party won 1.59% of the legislative vote, gaining one seat in the legislature. In 2010, the party surged to 9.17% of the vote, winning four seats in the legislature and entering into coalition with the governing National Liberation Party. In 2014, the party's vote fell to 3.95%, and it lost all but one of its seats. In the next election, party's support dropped even further gaining only 0.38% and losing its only seat.



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