Abu al-Hasan Ali

Abu al-Hasan 'Ali (died c. 1009) was ruler of Khwarazm (a large oasis region on the Amu Darya river delta in western Central Asia) from 997 until his death c. 1009. The second member of the Ma'munid dynasty, he was the son of Ma'mun I ibn Muhammad.

Abu al-Hasan 'Ali'
Reign997 - 1009
PredecessorMamun I
SuccessorMamun II
DynastyMa'munid dynasty
FatherMa'mun I ibn Muhammad

In 997, Ali took over Khwarazm following his father's death. Little is known of his reign, but his emirate was dependent upon the Karakhanids, rivals of the Ghaznavids.[1] He died around 1009 and was succeeded by his brother, Abu al-Abbas Ma'mun.[2]


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Preceded by Ma'munid ruler of Khwarazm
Succeeded by