Abu Zaabal

Coordinates: 30°14′29″N 31°24′40″E / 30.2415°N 31.411°E / 30.2415; 31.411 Abu Zaabal or Abu Za'bal (Arabic: أبو زعبل‎, ALA-LC: Abū Zaʻbal ) (Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [æbuˈzæʕbæl]) is a huge industrial settlement in Egypt.

The first Egyptian medical school was founded there, in 1827. In modern Egypt, the area is an industrial suburb of Cairo, with an extensive military–industrial complex and well-developed chemical industries.

1970 bombing incidentEdit

  • On February 13, 1970, an Israeli Air Force bomber dropped bombs and napalm on an industrial plant in Abu Za'abal, killing 80 civilian workers.[1][2] The IAF had intended to attack military targets and struck the factory by mistake.

2013 prisoners die in custody incidentEdit

In August, 2013, 37 prisoners died in the Cairo prison Abu Zaabal.[3]