Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Zaid as-Slawi

Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Zaid as-Slawi (Arabic: أبو بكر بن أبي زيد السلاوي‎) was the pasha, or qaid, of Casablanca, Morocco and the representative of the Makhzen in the city at the time of the French bombardment and invasion of the city August 5-7, 1907.[1][2]


Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Zaid as-Slawi
أبو بكر بن أبي زيد السلاوي
قائد الدار البيضاء محتجز على متن سفينة فرنسية.jpg


He was originally from Salé, Morocco. He was captured and detained aboard a French ship.[3] French authorities transferred him to Algiers, which was under French control at the time.[4] Muhammad Torres negotiated with the French authorities for his release.[4]

He returned to Salé and lived as a Sufi mystic at a shrine there until his death. He was interred in Salé.


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