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Aborrebjerg is a hill on the Danish island of Møn.

Aborrebjerg summit.jpg
Aborrebjerg summit
Highest point
Elevation143 m (469 ft) [1]
Prominence143 m (469 ft) [2]
Coordinates54°58′53″N 12°31′47″E / 54.98139°N 12.52972°E / 54.98139; 12.52972Coordinates: 54°58′53″N 12°31′47″E / 54.98139°N 12.52972°E / 54.98139; 12.52972
Aborrebjerg is located in Denmark
Location of Aborrebjerg in Denmark
LocationMøn, Denmark
Mountain typeSedimentary rocks (chalk)
Easiest routeHike



Summit stone

The hill stands at 143 m (469 ft) and is the highest point in Møn island and the eighth in Denmark,[3] very close to Møns Klint.

Aborrebjerg is mainly covered by wood and shrubs like junipers; behind it some ponds are located.[4] The summit is marked with a circular stone.


North track to the sumit

As well as the neighbouring cliffs Aborrebjerg bedrock is chalk, which originated during the Cretaceous and was later lifted to its present location by tectonic movements following the ice ages.[5]

Access to the summitEdit

The can be easily reached through a waymarked foothpath. From the summit there is a good view. With good weather looking west both Farøbroerne and Queen Alexandrine Bridge can be seen, while looking north one can see up to Stevns.[6]

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