Abismo de pasión

Abismo de pasión (Abyss of Passion)[2] is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina and written by Caridad Bravo Adams for Televisa. It is a remake of Cañaveral de Pasiones, produced by Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach in 1996. Both telenovelas are based on Caridad Bravo Adams's original story, divided into two novels, and published in 1959: Una sombra entre los dos and Al pie del altar.[3][4]

Abismo de pasión
Created byCaridad Bravo Adams
Based onCañaveral de Pasiones
by Caridad Bravo Adams
Written byJuan Carlos Acalá
Directed bySergio Catano
Claudio Reyes Rubio
StarringAngelique Boyer
David Zepeda
Alejandro Camacho
Blanca Guerra
Livia Brito
Mark Tacher
Sabine Moussier
Altaír Jarabo
Francisco Gattorno
Salvador Zerboni
Alexis Ayala
Theme music composerJorge Eduardo Murguía Pedraza
Mauricio Lopez de Arriaga
Ignacio Perez
Amparo Rubin
Opening themeSolo un Suspiro by Oscar Cruz and Alejandra Orozco
Ending themeSolo un Suspiro (instrumental)
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes161[1] (list of episodes)
Executive producerAngelli Nesma Medina
ProducerJ. Ignacio Alarcón (associate producer)
Production locationsLa Ermita
Merida, Yucatan
Mexico City
Televisa San Angel (filming)
CinematographyJorge Amaya Rodriguez
Manuel Barajas
Armando Zafra
EditorsOctavio López Reyes
Daniel Renteria Carmona
Alfredo Juarez Gutierrez
Running time41–44 minutes
Production companyTelevisa
Original networkCanal de las Estrellas
Picture format480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseJanuary 23 (2012-01-23) –
September 2, 2012 (2012-09-02)
Preceded byDos hogares
Followed byAmores verdaderos
Related showsCañaveral de Pasiones (original series)
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Ermita de Santa Isabel.

Angelique Boyer, David Zepeda, Livia Brito, Mark Tacher, the leading actor Alejandro Camacho and the leading actress Blanca Guerra star as the protagonists, while Sabine Moussier, Salvador Zerboni and Altair Jarabo star as the antagonists.

On January 23, 2012, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Abismo de pasion weeknights at 9:30pm, replacing Dos Hogares.[5][6] The last episode was broadcast on September 2, with Amores verdaderos replacing it the following day.[7][8] 270 half-hour episodes were produced instead of 250.[9][10] Production of Abismo de pasión officially started on November 14, 2011.[11][12]

Univision confirmed a prime-time broadcast of Abismo de pasion on March 5, 2012.[13] On March 12[14][15] Univision started broadcasting Abismo de pasión weeknights at 9pm/8c, replacing El Talismán.[16] The last episode was broadcast on November 5, with Amores verdaderos replacing it on November 7.[17][18]

As of October 16, 2017 TL Novelas broadcast 10:40, 16:30 and 22:20 replacing Amores verdaderos.


Univision's November 5 finale broadcast of Abismo de pasión averaged 5.4 million viewers.[19]


It's a bright day in La Ermita, Yucatán and local child residents Elisa (Angelique Boyer), the daughter of Augusto (Alejandro Camacho) and his wife Estefania (Ludwika Paleta), Damian (David Zepeda), the son of Rosendo (Cesar Evora) and his wife Alfonsina (Blanca Guerra), and Gael (Mark Tacher), who is raised by Alfonsina's brother, Padre Guadalupe "Lupe" Mondragon (Rene Casados) since he was a baby, are playing. The three friends come across Paloma (Marilliz Leon/Livia Brito), the granddaughter of the town's "witch" Ramona (Raquel Olmedo). Gael throws her mud and scares her away which gets Elisa mad because she wanted to be her friend. Meanwhile, in El Grupo Anita factory, which is owned by Rosendo, Gabino Mendoza (Salvador Zerboni) sees once again Rosendo and Carmina (Sabine Moussier), who is Estefania's sister, in Rosendo's office making out. Alfonsina is getting ready to go to Estefania's dinner with the help of her house maid Toña (Vanessa Arias), Alfonsina secretly thinks that Rosendo and Estefania are having an affair. Elisa invites Damian and Gael to dinner and they agree to go. During dinner Alfonsina, Rosendo and Damian show up to eat with Augusto, Estefania, Elisa and also Carmina, who acts like she hates Rosendo to not get suspicious. Gael wasn't able to show up as he didn't get permission from Padre Lupe, but he escapes anyway. Elisa and Damian go out and play in the yard when Gael shows up they try to go up a tree to see a bird. Alfonsina and Augusto interrupt the three kids so they go eat, when alone Alfonsina confesses her suspicions to Augusto which worries him deeply. Padre Lupe comes by and picks up Gael. Alfonsina pretends to be feeling bad and the Arangos go home before eating dinner.

Estefanía is married to Augusto and they have one daughter, Elisa. Rosendo cheats on his wife with Carmina, Estefanía's sister. Damian and Elisa become friends because Augusto and Rosendo were best friends. But one day, Rosendo and Carmina try to go away from La Ermita, the pueblo in which they live in. But, Estefanía, who had found out about their plans, wants to prevent this, shuts Carmina in her room and then goes with Rosendo in his car, trying to convince him not to run away with Carmina. They have an accident and die and everyone thinks they were lovers.

Due to this, Elisa and Damian are not allowed to be friends, though it becomes evident they have deeper feelings towards each other when Alfonsina sends Damian to Italy to study. This also causes Elisa to be hated by not just the whole town but also by her father who has fallen in deep depression. Carmina takes advantage of Augusto and seduces him. Later, she convinces him to marry her. Carmina turns up pregnant but, it ends up being Rosendo's baby not Augusto's. When Elisa is playing with some of the baby toys that had been bought for Carmina's baby, Carmina tries to hit Elisa and just when she's about to she falls into the empty pool. Her baby ends up dead and she blames Elisa for it. Another one of Elisa's friends, Gael tries comforting Elisa through all her distresses. It is apparent that Gael is in love with Elisa. He grew up with Alfonsina's brother, Padre Lupe. His mother is Ingrid Navarro (Isabella Camil) but she had abandoned him. It is revealed that Gael's real father was Rosendo.

Paloma becomes Elisa's friend though they feel more like sisters. She lives with her grandmother Ramona, the town healer but Ramona reputation as a witch. She is the only one who knows the truth behind Carmina and Rosendo. Paloma is completely in love with Gael. As time passes the kids turn into adults. Surprisingly, Damian returns without anyone knowing. When Elisa finds out she is overjoyed but Damian acts as though he has no clue who she is. Gael is overthrown by jealousy and Paloma hates to see him this way. Soon Elisa and Damian fall in love all over again. Until Damian's fiancée Florencia Landucci (Altair Jarabo) shows up. Damian ends his relationship with her a little later and plans to secretly marry Elisa. At the court house the day of their wedding, Augusto finds out and takes his rifle. He accidentally shoots Damian and Damian's mother ensures that it is Florencia not Elisa that is by his side the whole time. They reconcile their relationship.

Gabino always worked at "Grupo La Anita" and he wants to be the boss of it and Alfonsina's lover. He is determined to do exactly that no matter what it takes or costs. Vicente lives with his mother and with his presumed father Braulio (Francisco Gattorno). It is later revealed that his real father is Gabino. He does not appreciate having a father like Braulio who loves and cares for him. He hates school and he is definitely a trouble maker. Braulio once and still is in love with Dolores "Lolita" Martínez de Chinrios (Eugenia Cauduro) but they broke up and he married Antonia, who is the maid at the Arango's home and they had a son who later turns out to be Gabino's son. Gabino buries Ingrid alive because she threatens him with the information she knows about the fact that Gabino defrauded Alfosina at the factory, and that Carmina and Rosendo were in fact lovers. Carmina kills Augusto because Ramona told him that Rosendo and Carmina was Rosendo's lover, not Estefania. Earlier Gabino ordered Horacio Ramirez (Armando Araiza)to put Don Lucio Elizondo's (Eric del Castillo) store on fire but his house wife, Blanca (Dacia Gonzalez), Elisa's godmother, is trapped inside and burns to death.

Carmina kills Guadalupe because he begins to complicate her life as he knows that Rosendo and Carmina were lovers and Estefania was always innocent.

Damian and Florencia end up getting married but he refuses to have a church wedding - instead they have only a civil wedding in secret and without his mother when they go Mexico city to pick up Florencia's wedding dress. Florencia complains that she did not have the wedding of her dreams; no white dress, no party, no gifts and Damian refuses to be with her during the wedding night. During their relationship Florencia has on and off affairs with Enrique Tovar (Alberto Agnesi). Dr. Edmundo Tovar (Alexis Ayala) had affairs with Carmina until his wife Begona de Tovar (Nailea Norvind) finds out. Florencia's uncle Paolo Landucci (Sergio Mayer) is a total playboy and had affairs with Sabrina Tovar (Jade Fraser) and she ends up pregnant. While trying to win Damian's heart again Florencia plans to steal Sabrina's baby. But, sadly, the baby dies as Sabrina's mother Begona, who was unaware of her daughter's pregnancy, gives her a weight losing tea. It is noticed when Chente kidnaps her and she grows sick. Paolo also had an affair with Kenia Jaso Navarro (Esmeralda Pimental) who got pregnant but also lost the baby.

Kenia is Gael's half sister (Ingrid is her mom but Rosendo wasn't her dad). Kenia finds love again in Augusto. When Kenia tells Carmina that she doesn't deserve Augusto, Carmina kills Kenia by hitting her on the head and then drowning her. Paolo also tried to get Elisa to fall in love with him and tried to rape her but Damian saved her. Before she died, Ingrid kills Florencia's dad Guido Landucci (Ricardo Dalmacci). Carmina was also Paulo's lover before she put an end to it.

Elisa opens her own big business and competes with Alfonsina. Her business partner is Gael and they plan to marry. Florencia fakes a pregnancy to get back at Alfonsina and reveals the lie to Damian on the day their church wedding which also happens to be the same day as Elisa and Gael's wedding. Florencia, knowing Damian is truly in love with Elisa, encourages him to go get her back. Damian races on his horse to the wedding and steals Elisa away leaving Gael heartbroken. Paloma tries to comfort him, but he is sorrowful. When Elisa and Damian return, Alfonsina allows them to be married. And Paloma turns out pregnant with Gael's child. They end up marrying each other.

Series finaleEdit

Damian and Elisa get married. Gabino follows them on their honeymoon and plants a snake in Elisa's basket and she is bitten. Ramona is able to cure Elisa. Carmina hits Elisa in her head and then kidnaps Damian. Gabino reveals to Paloma that he is her real father and he hits Chente. Alfonsina comes to Gabino and asks him where Damian is; he attempts to rape her. Gael and everyone find out that Gabino buried Ingrid alive and that he is also responsible for Blanca's death as he had ordered Horacio to burn her store when she was inside. Damian wants to escape from Carmina's detention but Gabino arrives and Carmina and him trap him again. Carmina phones Alfonsina and tells her to give her money in exchange for Damian's freedom. On a rainy day, Carmina and Gabino try to run away from the village but Ramona leaves a carriage in their way to stop them and they have a car accident; Carmina is trapped under the car but Gabino doesn't help her and tries to run away with the money.

Elisa arrives at the place of the accident. Gael runs after Gabino and then the police arrests him. Carmina ends up with both of her legs amputated and then kills herself. After Paloma's grandmother tells Paloma that it's true that Gabino is her father she tells Gael that she is done suffering because of their loveless marriage and the fact that he still loves Elisa but Gael tells her that he loves her and does everything and anything (even telling her that she is crazy if she thinks that he will give her the divorce) to win her back since he has fallen in love with her and doesn't want to lose her. In the end, there is a party and Gael is with Paloma and their 2 small girls; Elisa and Damian are with their small boy; Florencia comes with Enrique and their adopted girl; pregnant Lolita comes with Braulio and other guests. The End.


Main CastEdit

Also as mainEdit

Special ParticipationEdit

  • Dacia González as Doña Blanca "Nina" / "Blanquita" Muriel de Elizondo
  • Ludwika Paleta as Doña Estefanía Bouvier de Castañón
  • César Évora as Don Rosendo Arango
  • África Zavala as Remedios González
  • Andrea Molinari as Marcela Cantu de Landucci
  • Gustavo Rojo as Obispo
  • Briggitte Bozzo as Young Elisa
  • Robin Vega as Young Damián
  • Diego Velázquez as Young Gael
  • Mariliz León as Young Paloma
  • Polly as Alfonsina’s friend
  • Alejandro Ávila as Doctor Manrique

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated Result
Kids' Choice Awards México
Favorite Actress Angelique Boyer Nominated
Premios Juventud
Girl of my Dreams Nominated
Copa Televisa
Telenovela of the Year Angelli Nesma Medina Won
Premios People en Español
Best Telenovela Nominated
Best Actress Angelique Boyer Nominated
Best Actor David Zepeda Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Blanca Guerra Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Mark Tacher Nominated
Best Male Antagonist Sergio Mayer Nominated
Best Female Antagonist Sabine Moussier Nominated
Couple of the Year David Zepeda and Angelique Boyer Nominated
TVyNovelas Awards[20][21]
Best Telenovela of the Year Angelli Nesma Medina Nominated
Best Lead Actress Angelique Boyer Nominated
Best Lead Actor David Zepeda Won
Best Female Antagonist Sabine Moussier Nominated
Best Male Antagonist Salvador Zerboni Nominated
Best Young Lead Actress Livia Brito Won
Best Co-star Actress Eugenia Cauduro Nominated
Best Co-star Actor Francisco Gattorno Nominated
Best First Actress Blanca Guerra Won
Raquel Olmedo Nominated
Best First Actor Alejandro Camacho Won
Best Supporting Actress Raquel Olmedo Won
Best Supporting Actor Eric del Castillo Nominated
Best Female Revelation Esmeralda Pimentel Nominated
Best Male Revelation Alberto Agnesi Nominated
Best Musical Theme "Solo un Suspiro" by Alejandra Orozco and Oscar Cruz Won
Best Original Story or Adaptation Juan Carlos Alcalá and Fermín Zúñiga Nominated
Best Direction of the Camaras Sergio Cataño and Claudio Reyes Nominated
Los Favoritos del Público[22] (by TVyNovelas Awards)
Favorite Telenovela Angelli Nesma Medina Won
Favorite Villain Sabine Moussier Nominated
The Most Beautiful Women Livia Brito Won
The Most Handsome Guy David Zepeda Won
Favorite Finale Angelli Nesma Medina Nominated


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