Abdur Rab Serniabat

Abdur Rob Serniabat was a Bangladeshi politician and the former water resources minister. He was the brother-in-law of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, founding father of Bangladesh, brother of Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib and the maternal uncle of Sheikh Hasina, the four-time prime minister of Bangladesh. He was killed during the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 15 August 1975.[1]

Abdur Rob Serniabat
আব্দুর রব সেরনিয়াবাত
Minister of Water Resources
PresidentSheikh Mujibur Rahman
Personal details
Saril, Gournadi, Barisal, British Raj
Died15 August 1975
Dhaka, Bangladesh
RelativesSheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib (sister)

Early lifeEdit

Abdur Rab Serniabat was born in the village of Sarail in Gournadi, Barisal, in 1921.[2]


At early stages in his career, Abdur Rob Serniabat was a lawyer in Borishal city.[3] He later carried out his appointed role as the minister of Water Resources for Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, soon after Bangladesh's liberation from Pakistani ruling.[4]


His house on 27 Minto Road, Dhaka was attacked at about 5:00 AM by soldiers commanded by Major Shahriar Rashid, Major Aziz Pasha, Captain Nurul Huda and Captain Majed. Abdur Rob Serniabat, daughter Baby Serniabat, son Arif Serniabat, his nephew Shaheed Serniabat, were among those killed while his wife Amena Begum was injured along with others in the house. His sons Abul Hasnat Abdullah and Abul Khair Abdullah survived. A case was filed regarding this incident at Ramna Police Station on 21 October 1996, convicting 18 people.[5] His son Abul Hasnat Abdullah was elected a member of parliament in 2014.[6] His house is now part of headquarters complex of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.[7] On 30 July 2018, his grandson, Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah, was elected Mayor of Borishal.[8]


Shaheed Abdur Rob Serniabat Stadium at Borishal Division in Bangladesh is named after him. SARSTEC, a technological college for textiles education which is located at the same division has also been named honoring him.[9]


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