Abdo Khal

Abdo Khal (born 1962) is an author from Saudi Arabia and the winner of the 2010 International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

Abdo Khal
Saudi Arabia
OccupationNovelist Journalist
Notable worksThrowing Sparks
Notable awardsInternational Prize for Arabic Fiction (2010)


Khal was born in Al-Mijannah, Jizan, Saudi Arabia in 1962. He left his home village at a young age and currently lives in Jeddah. Before becoming a writer, Khal has been working as a journalist since 1982. His works, written in a distinctive style that blends Qur'anic Arabic with dialectal (specifically Hijazi) Arabic, have made him known within and beyond the Arab world.[1] Khal studied political science before becoming a novelist and his works criticize the corruption of the very wealthy in the Arab world. They are unavailable in his home country. According to himself, this is because they "address the sacrosanct trio of taboos in the Arab world: sex, politics, and religion".[2] Due to Khal winning the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, his works are expected to soon be translated into various languages and become more known outside the Arabic-speaking world.[3] Indeed, some of Khal's work have been translated and published in English, German and French.


Khal works as the Editor-in-chef and a daily columnist of Ukaz newspaper[4]. Moreover, he is member of the Board of Directors of Jeddah Literary Club.


  • Cities Eating Grass
  • Immorality
  • The Mud
  • Death Passes from Here
  • Days Don't Hide Anyone
  • Barking
  • She Throws Sparks


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