Abashiri City Museum of Art

Abashiri City Museum of Art (網走市立美術館, Abashiri Shiritsu Bijutsukan) is a registered museum that opened in Abashiri, Hokkaidō, Japan in 1972, as the second art museum, and the first such to be purpose-built, on the island. The collection relates to artists of the Okhotsk region and temporary exhibitions are also held.[1][2]

Abashiri City Museum of Art
Abashiri Municipal Art Museum01s3.jpg
General information
Address1 Minami 6 Jōnishi
Town or cityAbashiri, Hokkaidō
Coordinates44°01′10″N 144°16′03″E / 44.019449°N 144.267488°E / 44.019449; 144.267488
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