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Aaron Duran at Stumptown Comics Fest, on April 28, 2012

Aaron Duran (born 1976 in California) is an American writer and media producer in Portland, Oregon, of Mexican and Italian descent. He is the host of Geek in the City Radio (Formerly Film Fever Radio) (alongside co-host Scott Dally), webmaster of, and a regular guest on the cortandfatboy (hosted by Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts) and The Rick Emerson Show. For several years, he was also one of the producers of Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis. Duran organized a failed effort in 2008 to rename Portland's 42nd Avenue to Douglas Adams Boulevard in honor of science fiction author Douglas Adams.[1][2]

Geek in the CityEdit

In order to express his own opinions about geek culture, Aaron started Geek in the City in the early 2000s. It has since become a repository of opinion and information for those shunned from 'mainstream' geek sites.

La BrujeriaEdit

Upset with the current state of comics, Aaron began working on his own comic in 2007. He was able to locate an artist in 2009 and a letterer in 2010 and began self publication in January 2011. At present, the comic is available in many comic stores in Portland and online at Geek in the La Brujeria's plot involves a Mexican American woman named Althalia, gifted with powers from her ancestors, joining a paranormal investigation company based in Portland. The comic draws on Duran's heritage, adoration for comics such as Hell Boy and love of Portland.

Geek in the City: RadioEdit

In 2006, Aaron began co-hosting Film Fever Radio with Scott Dally, a long running podcast based on a now defunct magazine called Film Fever. In 2008, the decision was made to retool the show and rename it Geek in the City Radio because the Film Fever name made it difficult to obtain guests outside of the movie industry. Since then, the show has expanded into an overall coverage of geek news and includes an ensemble cast of people from around Portland.


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