A come Andromeda

A come Andromeda (RAI, 1971), is an Italian television remake of A for Andromeda (BBC, 1961).[1] It was still set in Britain ("in the following year") but filmed at Italian locations, and consists of five episodes of about one hour each. It was adapted by Inisero Cremaschi (who also appeared in a small role) and directed by Vittorio Cottafavi. Music was by Mario Migliardi. The cast includes Paola Pitagora as Judy Adamson, Luigi Vannucchi as Fleming, and Tino Carraro as Reinhart.[2] Nicoletta Rizzi appeared as Andromeda, the person created by the supercomputer, replacing the singer Patty Pravo, who was originally cast in the role, but who did not fulfil her commitments, necessitating re-shooting of several scenes.[2][3]

This version still exists and has been repeated on Italian TV. It has been released on VHS, and latterly on DVD but without English subtitles. It is considered the first science fiction TV-series produced by the Italian television.[4]



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