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A Wealth of Fable by Harry Warner, Jr., is a Hugo Award-winning history of science fiction fandom of the 1950s, an essential reference work in the field.[2] It is a followup to Warner's All Our Yesterdays (ISBN 1-886778-13-2), which covered the 1940s, and helped to earn Warner a Hugo Award in 1969.

A Wealth of Fable
AuthorHarry Warner, Jr.
CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction fandom, history
PublisherFanhistorica Press (first edition), SCIFI Press (second edition)
Publication date
1977, 1992
Media typeMimeographed, hardcover
Pagesxiv+456 (second edition)
ISBN0-9633099-0-0 (second edition)[1]
Preceded byAll Our Yesterdays by Harry Warner, Jr., 1969 

According to science fiction fan and author Mike Resnick, "It's not even a sequel, but rather a continuation, of All Our Yesterdays, heavily illustrated, obviously written by the same hand, chock full of the anecdotes that almost instantly become fannish legend."[3]

It was originally published by Joe Siclari in a three-volume, mimeographed Fanhistorica Press edition in 1977. SCIFI Press brought out an expanded hardcover edition (ISBN 0-9633099-0-0) in 1992.[3] The members of the World Science Fiction Society voted that version the Hugo Award for Best Related Book.

Warner also wrote a related series of historical columns called "All Our Yesterdays."

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