A Sammy in Siberia

A Sammy In Siberia is a 1919 American short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd.[1]

A Sammy In Siberia
Directed byHal Roach
Produced byHal Roach
StarringHarold Lloyd
Rolin Film Company
Distributed byPathe Exchange
Release date
  • April 6, 1919 (1919-04-06)
Running time
7 minutes
CountryUnited States


An inept American soldier (Lloyd) stationed in Russia during that country's civil war, becomes separated from his unit during a march in heavy snow. He flees from a scrawny, lone wolf and climbs up a tree when it pursues him. He comes to the aid of a young Russian woman (Daniels) who, along with her family, is being harassed by a troop of Bolsheviks. She has escaped from her cabin while the Bolsheviks were drunk on vodka. She encounters Lloyd and the wolf. Lloyd discovers that the wolf is harmless and is something of a pet to the woman. The Bolsheviks see Lloyd and the woman and chase them back to the woman's cabin. Lloyd initially hides in the cabin's attic. Using his wits and an array of stunts, Lloyd manages to drive the Bolsheviks away. The film ends with Lloyd attempting to woo the woman.


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