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A Pearl in the Forest (Mongolian: Мойлхон, Moilkhon, Buckthorn) is a 2008 Mongolian historical film.[1][2]

A Pearl in the Forest
Directed byEnkhtaivan Agvaantseren
Written byBayarmagnai Byambaa
StarringBayarmaa Baatar
Zolboot Gombo
Narankhuu Khatanbaatar
G. Altanshagai
Music byEnkhtaivan Agvaantseren
Release date
Running time
90 minutes

This is a story about a young couple whose newly planned life was destroyed by the impact of the Great Purges of 1934–1938 in Mongolia.

The main goal of this movie was to provide a testimony for the many Buryats and Mongolians who were persecuted during the Great Purges initiated by Joseph Stalin. In 1937 and 1938, many people, and even entire families, were killed after being wrongfully accused of conspiracies.

The movie was shot on location near the Buryat village of Dadal in the Khentii province of Mongolia. The acting and other participation of many local villagers was a great addition to the authenticity of the film.[citation needed]



In the 1930s in Mongolia, a former villager returns as a government informer, and is determined to use his authority to crush a village in order to take by force what he cannot win by love: a young woman who is engaged to another man.



  1. ^ [2] A film by Idugan Entertainment.

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