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A Minute with Stan Hooper, also known as Stan Hooper, is an American sitcom starring Norm Macdonald. The series was a Bungalow 78 production in association with Paramount Television and aired on Fox. The series was canceled after six of the thirteen episodes produced were aired.

A Minute with Stan Hooper
Also known as Stan Hooper
Genre Sitcom
Created by Norm Macdonald
Barry Kemp
Written by Norm Macdonald
Cindy Caponera
Barry Kemp
Mike Lisbe
Nate Reger
Joseph Staretski
Directed by Jeffrey L. Melman
Barry Kemp
Starring Norm Macdonald
Penelope Ann Miller
Reagan Dale Neis
Composer(s) Jason Miller
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (6 unaired)
Executive producer(s) Norm Macdonald
Barry Kemp
Lori Jo Hoekstra
Producer(s) Jessie Ward Dugan
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Bungalow 78 Productions
Paramount Television
Original network Fox
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release October 29 – December 12, 2003 (2003-12-12)

The central character's name, Stan Hooper, was taken from Macdonald's work on Saturday Night Live, but the characters were vastly different. The role also allowed Macdonald to play the straight man among a cast of eccentric characters, a departure from his traditional comedy style.



Hooper, a famous newspaper columnist turned television commentator, moves his family from their New York home to a small Wisconsin town, Waterford Falls, where he hopes to better get in touch with Middle America in an attempt to make his weekly minute-long television commentaries more appealing to a larger audience. While there, he interacts with the folksy, and largely strange, townspeople of Waterford Falls.

Macdonald has said his goal was for the show to lull its audience into complacency, and become more subversive as time went on. It included a plan for Stan's wife Molly to be murdered by a drifter at the end of the first season.[1] The show was cancelled long before any such plans were enacted.


Episode listEdit

Ep # Episode Overview Production Code
1 "Pilot" Stan moves with his family from New York to a small Wisconsin town, Waterford Falls, in order to better get in touch with “Middle America” to make his minute-long television commentaries more appealing to a larger audience. Hoo-101
2 Stan Goes To Washington After he finds out that the same man has been mayor for five straight terms, Stan decides to run for town mayor to give the townsfolk another choice. However, Stan is shocked to learn of the cover-up behind the mayor and the involvement of Fred Hawkins in it, as well as the rest of the town. Hoo-104
3 The Hustler After deciding to go out for a boy’s night out at Jimmy’s tavern with Lou and Pete Peterson, Stan is accused of using trick shots whenever he sinks a ball during a game of billiards for “dimes” and “nickels”. When Stan discovers that “dimes” and “nickels” are worth much more than he thought, Stan tries to save his opponent, Lou, from selling the diner. Meanwhile, Garry invites Molly to join him and the girls at their weekly bridge game at the Hooper residence. Ryan and Chelsea ask Stan for advice on planning their future while Chelsea contemplates her opportunities at a Cosmetics and Tattoo college. Hoo-102
4 An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Stan gets interested in turkey hunting, ordering everything on the menu in preparation for an outing. Stan then enlists Chelsea’s help in preventing Molly from cooking anything for Thanksgiving. Hoo-106
5 Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie Fred’s frustration peaks because Gary has invited Molly and Chelsea to join the guys-only Christmas carolling group, ‘The Silent Knights’. Meanwhile, when the diner runs out of Stan’s favourite pie, Clara Meek’s apple pie, Stan tries his best in getting the recipe from the ailing Clara before she dies. Hoo-109
6 Fear Finds The Falls To prove that the town isn’t inviolable to crime, Stan burgles the diner. Hoo-107
7 Stan's Biggest Fan Stan discovers that his favourite fan lives nearby and gets the help of a cranky mailman to find him. Hoo-105
8 Good Golly, Miss Molly A typo in the ‘Cheese Quarterly’ naming Molly as Fred’s mistress brings the town’s press down on Stan. Hoo-103
9 Snow Job The town’s snowplough operator has a thing for Stan, but when Stan denies her, the whole town suffers. Hoo-108
10 Ghost Family After learning that his boathouse is supposedly haunted, Stan investigates his property’s past. Hoo-110
11 The Milkman After inadvertently getting the milkman fired, Stan helps him start his own “business”. Hoo-111
12 The Good Doctor Stan suspects that the town’s doctor, Doc Goodman, isn’t really a doctor. Hoo-112
13 Stan's Best Friend Problems arise after Stan mistakes a wolf that he found to be a cute puppy. Hoo-113

International broadcastersEdit

In Australia, the entire series aired in late night timeslots on Network Ten.


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