A Journey in Other Worlds

A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future is a science fiction novel by John Jacob Astor IV, published in 1894.[1]

A Journey in Other Worlds
AuthorJohn Jacob Astor IV
IllustratorDan Beard
CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction Speculative fiction Utopian fiction
PublisherD. Appleton & Co.
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardcover)
Pages476 pp.


The book offers a fictional account of life in the year 2000. It contains abundant speculation about technological invention, including descriptions of a worldwide telephone network, solar power, air travel, space travel to the planets Saturn and Jupiter, and terraforming engineering projects — damming the Arctic Ocean, and adjusting the Earth's (Terra) axial tilt (by the Terrestrial Axis Straightening Company).

In Astor's novel, the future United States is a multi-continental superpower. European nations have been taken over by socialist governments, which have sold most of their African colonies to the U.S.; and Canada, Mexico, and the countries of South America have requested annexation. Space travel is achieved through apergy, an anti-gravitational energy force.

Jupiter proves to be a jungle world, with flesh-eating plants, vampire bats, giant snakes and mastodons, and flying lizards. The Americans discover a wealth of exploitable resources: iron, silver, gold, lead, copper, coal, and oil.

Saturn, in contrast, is an ancient world of silent spirits. The spirit beings provide the explorers with foresight of their own deaths. From one of the spirits, a deceased bishop, the voyagers are told about the icy world Cassandra, which orbits the Sun beyond Neptune, and is home to the souls of unworthy Earthlings.

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A paperback edition of A Journey in Other Worlds was issued in 2003.[2]

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