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The A5 Autoroute, which was constructed in 1990 to relieve the A6, links the Parisian region with the Langres area. It is a 238 km toll road under the management of the Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR). It makes up parts of the European routes E54, E511, and E17. Before the A5 was completed, the section linking Troyes with Langres was known as the A26. This route crosses the departments of Seine-et-Marne (in the Ile-de-France region), Yonne (in the Burgundy region), Aube and Haute-Marne (in the Champagne-Ardenne region).

A5 autoroute shield

A5 autoroute
Route information
Part of
Maintained by APRR
Length238 km (148 mi)
Major junctions
West end N 104 (La Francilienne)
  A 105 near Melun
A 19 near Sens
A 26 near Troyes
East end A 31 near Beauchemin
Highway system
Autoroutes of France

In Île-de-France, before reaching its western terminus at La Francilienne, the A5 splits into two branches which were previously referred to as the A5a and the A5b. They have since been renumbered, with the A5a being designated as the A5 and the A5b becoming part of the A105 (a spur route linking La Francilienne, the A5, and the town of Melun). However, the two branches are often still referred to as the "A5a" and "A5b".


Proposed Eastern ExtensionEdit

The French Government has given the green light for the completion of the natural continuation of the A5 beyond Langres towards Switzerland and Mulhouse by granting permission for the construction of a toll motorway from Langres to Vesoul currently known as the A319 (planned opening after 2030). The remainder of the section must be supported by the State in the form of a 2 × 2 lane expressway (RN 19) connecting to the A36 between Belfort and Montbéliard and beyond to the A16 Swiss motorway. The combination of the current A5 motorway and this extension could eventually become a future A5 motorway linking Paris to Switzerland. [1]

List of Exits and JunctionsEdit


Exit/Junction Destination
   La Francilienne/  N 104   N 6
  10a  Savigny-le-Temple
  10b  Savigny-Plessis, Lieusaint, Moissy-Cramayel
  10c  Lieusaint, Moissy-Cramayel
  11  Eastbound only Savigny-centre
  12  Eastbound only Savigny - Parc d'Activites
  Aire du Plessis-Picard-Les Poiriers (eastbound)
  Aire du Plessis-Picard-Ourdy (westbound)
  13  Westbound only Cesson-Vert St Denis
     A 105   A 5b Marne la Valee, Melun
  Aire des Éprunes (westbound)
  Péage des Eprunes
  Aire des Éprunes (eastbound)
  15  Saint-Germain-Laxis
  16  Châtillon-la-Borde
  Aire des Jonchets-La Grande Paroisee (eastbound)
  Aire des Jonchets-Les Récompenses (westbound)
  17  Forges
  18  Marolles-sur-Seine
  Aire des Rasets (eastbound)
  Aire de Gravon (westbound)
Border between Seine-et-Marne (Ile-de-France) and Yonne (Burgundy)
     A 19 Sens, Provins, Orleans
  Aire de Montand (eastbound)
  Aire de Montaphilant (westbound)
  Aire de Villeneuve-l'Archevêque (eastbound)
  Aire de Villeneuve-Vauluisant (westbound)
  19  Villeneuve-l'Archevêque, Nogent sur Seine, St. Florentin
Border between Yonne (Burgundy) and Aube (Champagne-Ardenne)
  Aire des Tomelles (eastbound)
  Aire des Fontvannes (westbound)
  20  Troyes-Centre, Sainte-Savine
  Aire de Saint-Pouange (eastbound)
  Aire de la Coloterie (westbound)
  21  Troyes-Sud, Saint-Julien-les-Villas, Tonnerre
     A 26 Lille, Reims
  Aire de Troyes-Fresnoy-le-Château (eastbound)
  Troyes-Le-Plessis (westbound)
  22  Châtillon, Brienne, Bar sur Aube
  Aire de Mondeville (eastbound)
  Aire de Champignol (westbound)
  23  Chateauvillain, Châtillon, Bar sur Aube
Border between Aube and Haute-Marne
  Aire de Châteauvillain-Val-Marnay (eastbound)
  Aire de Châteauvillain-Orges (westbound)
  24  Chaumont, Semoutiers, St. Dizier
  Aire de Bois-Moyen (eastbound)
  Aire de Champs-à-la-Croix (westbound)
     A 31Lyon-Dijon Metz-Nancy


Exit/Junction Destination
   La Francilienne/  N 104
  11  Évry-Grégy-sur-Yerre
  12  Moissy-Cramayel, Guignes
  13  Réau
  Aire de Galande-la-Sablière (southbound)
  Aire de Galande-La-Mare-Laroche (northbound)
     A 5
  14  Cesson, Vert-Saint-Denis, Voisenon

European RoutesEdit


European Route Location
  entire length
      A 19 through     A 26
      A 26 through     A 31


European Route Location
  entire length


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